Monday, May 09, 2011

Introducing Doll Phace

Doll Phace is my new crush. Not only does she have the best name in music but her new single "Let's Go To Vegas" is something of a jam. I have to admit I don't know a lot about the stunning beauty but it appears she's some kind of a mogul - running production company called TVMG as well as writing and producing various film and TV projects. The girl formerly known as Monica Lloyd even directed her own video clip. Bitches, need to step aside. Doll Phace got this! "Let's Go To Vegas" is a lot of fun. The synthtastic production is straight from the Taio Cruz handbook. I like the classy gambling metaphors and cute chorus. Snoop's cameo is a welcome addition to the song and balances out the fluffy verses. Although I'm guessing he'll put this somewhere below "Get 'Em Girls" on his CV. The video is fairly simply - basically Doll Phace poses in a series of seductive outfits while some dudes play cards and look bored but it's a bright and colourful ride that suits the song perfectly. Girlfriend just needs to hook up with Khia for the Thug Misses remix and I'll be in heaven!


michael said...

Whenever I hear the bit in the opening credits of Gossip Girl where Gossip Girls says "And who am I?" I always say "I'm thug missus, motherfucker respec' me!"

The Prophet said...

Lmfao it's official: Snoop will feature on ANYTHING!

Mike said...

Don't diss Doll Phace! She's got connections!

Bruce said...

LOL "Snoop's CV"!

How many of his "Featuring Snoop Dogg" tracks do you think he still remembers recording and filming? Much less still remembers the lyrics!

Really doe, Snoop is dope.

(Have you heard Razor & Guido remix of "Girl Gotta Girlfriend" by Mams Taylor? Another random Snoop one-take drive by!)

Elmer said...

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