Sunday, May 08, 2011

I stan for Stan

I really warmed up to Stan Walker last year. His sophomore album was surprisingly great, he rocked Summerbeatz, charmed everyone at the after-party and even made a Cassie Davis song sound good. The former Australian Idol has been working on album number three for the past few months and it's shaping up to be a monster if the lead single is any indication. "Loud" is another great addition to the Taio Cruz/Jason DeRulo canon of urban dance music. A couple have bloggers have likened the track to Chris Brown's "Beautiful People" and I tend to agree. The track definitely has a harder club edge than any of Stan's previous singles but he turns it out. His vocal is fire (as usual) and the production is crisp and current. I don't think "Loud" is quite as catchy as Marvin Priest's not entirely dissimilar "Own This Club" but it's definitely a grower, worming its way deeper into your head with each spin. Fingers crossed the sooon-to-be-released video is hot. I love that Australia is becoming a hot bed for urban dance music and know Stan will deliver the goods with his album! Listen to the track below.


The Prophet said...


I like Stan, he seems like a sweetheart. And I love Black Box.

Robpop said...

No wonder Karen Walker wanted to keep her man under wraps! He's yummy!

Oh wait. Its not THE STAN WALKER of will and Grace. :-(

Still faboosh music

Matt said...

sooo much better than own this club!!

Anonymous said...

hes so cute!

Calen said...

The Will & Grace comment = LMAO.