Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dolly does it better

New music from Dolly Parton is always cause for celebration but "Together You and I" is easily the iconic diva's best single since "Travelin' Thru". This ruthlessly cheerful and upbeat anthem is a warm blanket of a (country) pop song. The 65-year-old stunner's homespun wisdom shines through in the sweet lyrics and the chorus is seriously catchy. I defy you to listen to this without a smile on your face. Dolly is such a legend. She just keeps on doing her thing and luckily for her - heartfelt, beautifully crafted music never goes out of style. I can't wait to get my hands on "Better Day". The inspiration for a thousand drag queens said she wanted to write an uplifting album to help people through hard times and if "Together You and I" is any indication, she has well and truly achieved that goal. Watch Dolly premiere her new smash on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (below) and pray she keeps her promise to tour Australia in November. I will be first in line!


Martin said...

I'm a huge Dolly fan but this doesn't really pull my trigger. Dolly is usually such a lyrical genius (Your life's a wreck, your house is mess and your wardrobe way outdated) but this track is just wayyy too corny.

She sounds amazing, the production is great but her cheesy lyrics about rainbows, children laughing and songbirds is a little too much to take! I like Dolly with some edge..

Jamie B said...

I hope there are some dance mixes of this! I love me some Dolly.