Friday, May 27, 2011

Beyoncé - 4 tracklist and 1+1 review

After a month of absolutely nothing, Bey's promo campaign went into overdrive this week. She touched Oprah in ways that made Gayle jealous on Monday night before unveiling her album tracklist and setting a new standard of excellence on American Idol on Wednesday. But more about that career-defining performance later. I have some "4" stanning to get out of the way first. These are the names of 11 of the best songs you will hear this year as well as the hottest mess of the decade:

I Care
I Miss You
Best Thing I Never Had
Party (Featuring Andre 3000)
Rather Die Young
Start Over
Love On Top
End of Time
I Was Here
‎Run The World (Girls)

I'm happy with 12 songs. Given Beyoncé's recent track record, "4" will probably be re-released more times than "Good Girl Gone Bad" - so I'm sure we'll end up getting a bunch of extra tracks anyway. The only surprise is the Andre 3000 collaboration. Was Flo Rida busy? Whatever. I'm sure it's amazing. Speaking of which, how stunning is the diva's latest promo pic (above)? That should have been the album cover. Every other bitch in the game can only nod and say yep, she got this. Sasha Fierce is back from beyond the grave!

But while the styling still has an edge, there is something very old-fashioned about "4". Take the new song Beysus premiered this week. I heard a preview of "1+1" online before seeing her holiness belt it out on American Idol and was left scratching my head. In a good way. Much like the recently leaked "End of Time", this sounds like a throwback to old school 80s soul when music was allowed to grow on you instead of beating you over the head with a robotic hook. "1+1" is the best ballad Anita Baker never got to record. The love song Karyn White wishes she got sing after "Superman". Yes, it's that amazing! And if you think "1+1" sounds brilliant on record wait until you hear it live. Bey tore the stage up on American Idol with another flawless vocal performance that stole the show. Even better is the backstage rehearsal Jay Z posted on his blog today. Watching this is like having a front row seat to greatness. Beyoncé is now operating on a whole different level.


Luel14 said...

I can't wait. But Flo-rida though? U can't be serious lol

Anonymous said...

i love Beyonce but my're so far up her ass i'm surprised you can even dislodge to write about her. can we take a break and talk about something else, plz?

Lorella Cuccarini said...

LOL! Too true, Anonymous!

And I knew it that Mike wouldn't even mention the fact that Beyoncé stol Lorella Cuccarini's performance.

What a joke!

Beyswig said...

that new pic slayed all dem other hoes!

tommie said...

How does it feel 2 have ur fave slayed by Kelly Rowland?

Anonymous said...

i wanna hate but bitch is flawless here

Mike said...

You know I'm excited for Miss Kelly. The same way I'd be thrilled for Michelle if she ever flukes a hit. "Motivation" is amazing and deserves to be massive!

As for being "up her ass" lol - I'm obviously and openly a crazy Bey fan. What do you expect? Go to Pitchfork if you want more objective analysis. There will be a lot more to B come in the lead up to 4!

Anonymous said...

lol ignore them mike xx

The_Dream said...

My version is better!

Mike said...

Now that Bey has been named of Billboard's top 20 songwriters of all time I'm no longer pressed! <3

Anonymous said...

Everybody go to Youtube. Beyonce and Nicky Minaj are on a remix of her leading single Run the World Girls together. This guy name Fyuchur produced it. Its Hot!! Both of their fans love it