Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bag Raiders - Big In Germany!

Some of you might remember Bag Raiders' amazing "Shooting Stars", which was a surprise Pop Panel winner back in 2009 and went on to become something of a sleeper hit in Australia. It never broke into the top 50 but the song hung around the iTunes top 200 for the best part of a year and turned up in the strangest places - most recently as a warm up song at Katy Perry's Sydney concert. The band went on to score a top 10 album and tear up the summer festival circuit but I had no idea they had broken into the European market until a friend in Berlin asked me about them. Their recent single "Way Back Home" is being used in a commercial over there and is currently rocketing up German iTunes. I'm excited about this! I love the song and was pissed when it stiffed at #77 in Australia. Not only that but it's getting a physical release over there, so I'll have something to add to my rather pathetic Bag Raiders collection. Now that I think about it, Empire of the Sun were also huge in Germany. I think Gypsy and the Cat, Miami Horror and Muscles need to jump on the next plane to Hamburg because Deutschland is clearly the way forward! Fingers crossed, "Way Back Home" gets a re-release at home.


Diva Incarnate said...

Bring Pop Panel back - it was such a highlight (when the pickings were good). Those Germans often have surprising taste - I always have my phone out writing the names of songs I hear on the radio there.

Phoenix said...

I was expecting them to come to Greece this month along with Miami Horror but the event was cancelled :(
i absolutely love the latest emergence of australian electronic-indie groups

Mike said...

When I upgrade this shitty website, Pop Panel will be back!

Peregrin said...

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