Sunday, May 08, 2011

Aloe Blacc - Loving You Is Killing Me

Aloe Blacc might seem slightly out of place on Pop Trash Addicts but I'm obsessed with his new single "Loving You Is Killing Me". And thought what the fuck. The American rapper-turned-soul-singer scored a massive hit around Europe last year with "I Need A Dollar" and is currently sitting pretty in the UK top 20 with the track. It's a great song but I prefer the follow up. "Loving You Is Killing Me" picks up where Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You" left off. It's a catchy, retro anthem about the dark underbelly of love. I love the 70s soul sound and Aloe delivers lyrics like "loving you should make me feel like I'm your king, you don't make me feel like anything" with heart and authenticity. My only problem with the whole project is the version of the song used in the film clip. The Numarek Mix on the physical single is completely different and vastly superior to this. The heavy funk that makes the original so distinctive has been replaced by an upbeat dance version with disco undertones. I don't approve. It's annoying because the video itself is fabulous. I had no idea he could dance like that! Anyway, this is the only version on YouTube - so check out "Loving You Is Killing Me" and jump on board the Aloe Blacc bandwagon before it gets too crowded.

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John said...

Love it! I couldn't take my eye off of that kid dancing, either. Not surprised there aren't any other comments on this. It ain't trashy enough!