Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Round IV - She's Coming!

By the end of the month your faves will be more redundant than Keri Hilson's greatest hits compilation. They will bow down before the one true Queen, wigs in hand, begging to be put out of their misery. But their desperate cries for mercy will go unanswered. Bey will simply be too busy re-writing chart history and slaying the pretenders. I guess it's only a matter of time before has-beens like Rihanna and Lady Gaga are working the register at your local McDonalds. Bring a pen the next time you pick up a quarter pounder, you just might nab an autograph! So, what can we expect from Round IV - apart from the best album of all time? Here's what we know so far:

1. A new single is expected to drop by the end of the month.

2. Bey recently played six songs from her next Grammy Award winning masterpiece at a showcase in New York and the head of Sony Music Australia described the material as "groundbreaking".

3. That description fits with the quirky cast of producers that include Odd Future, Sleigh Bells and Diplo.

4. From that line-up I'm expecting a return to Bey's urban roots but I'm hoping for some electro and/or pop thrown in for good measure.

5. But her recent 70s-tastic/hot tranny mess photo shoot leads me to believe the new album might have an old school soul sound.

While your faves flee in terror, watch this defining Round IV promo and open your heart to Beyjesus. Before it's too late.


The Prophet said...

1. Everyone on your blog hates this lying cunt.
2. Why didn't you mention her other stunning production lineup like Stargate, Ne-Yo, Sean Garrett and Swizz Beatz, rather than Sleigh Bells who said they wrote some stuff for her that they don't even know will make the album or not. Lmao.
3. Bey stays a thieving whore.
4. Britney's new cleverly edited Till the World Ends video shits on Bey's whole career.

killer_bey said...

1. your pressed
2. your still pressed
3. single ladies is the best video of the 2000's so idk what your pressed lubricated ass is talkin about
4. STFU and take your sly marinated ass to your blog, and stay keeping it cute there hoe.

GotaLoveBeyonce said...

fuck outta here wit tht bullshit.! is tht all u got forreal? #lame....britney aint got shit on BEY.! shes a crazy washed up has been..bey has been slayin her & all other females for years & thts not stoppin no time soon..tell britney to get a nu wig bc Bey is ab to start snatchin.! #RoundIV bitchhhh(:

Mike said...

I love Bey's flawless stans! <3

The Prophet said...


Lmfao since when did these Dereon hoodrats start coming to Pop Trash to read about Laura Brannigan B-sides and Danielle Katzenberger's latest smash hits?

I sense somebody (aka you) has been spamming their URL over on the BeYawnce forums! Lmfao!

killer_bey said...

oh i knw this hoe did not just call me a hood rat! since when did hoodrats listen to princesses such as kylie minogue and latoya? this bitch is reaching

Mike said...

Kylie, Toy and Bey. It's the holy trinity! <3

The Prophet said...


More like the axis of evil!

Y'all need to stop listening to this thieving bleached out whore before it's too late.

It's not too late to repent for your sins and join the good side with Janhova Jackson and Justin Timberlegend!

Bey needs to find more fans outside of basic hoodrats and tacky queens who wouldn't know R&B if it slapped them in the cunt.

Andrew said...

Proph stays pressed and obsessed on the biggest superstar of our generation. He just steady is jealous that his KFlop artists can't hold a candle to Queen Beyondslay

Luel14 said...

Flophet needs to shut the hell up cause Beylegend is coming for Crackney raggedy ass wig.

Calen said...

The sassyness is out of control. I love it.

Me said...

Given the Enquirers recent revelation that Beyondlame is at WAR with Lackof TaTa's, this could be a fabulous era for the epileptic banshee! Hopefully she rediscovers her Deja Vu / Ring The Alarm crazy and forgets the insipid whiny bint / female Kanye West alter egos of Slappa False

Anonymous said...

The suspense is building to emense levels, I can't wait!
I come to this blog for B news so keep it up, it's unfortunate that fans of the 'world's prettiest robot' i.e. Britney, are filled with so much hate, they do say that anger is born from jealousy, I'm sure they wish that Britney was a human performer just like Beyonce! The next time Britney gets a hard drive update that they programme her to sound like she is a performer, currently she emotes less emotion than an extra on 'Home & Away'