Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Round IV - Back to B'Day?

I promised a full review of Beyoncé's stunning new single today but to be honest, I almost couldn't be bothered. And not because I don't like it. As usual, the 16 time Grammy award winner has gone where lesser divas fear to tread and delivered something fresh and original. Which most pop fans were clearly not ready for. They are too used to formulaic lead singles from the Max Martin/Dr Luke conveyor belt of radio ready hits. But that's not how Queen B rolls. Instead, she called on Diplo - whose biggest claim to fame is producing one of Robyn's many flops - and delivered a multi-layered electro-house/hip hop hybrid that takes more than one listen to fully appreciate. Homosexuals around the globe simply fainted with exertion and put "Femme Fatale" back on when they regained consciousness. You know, something familiar and completely undemanding.

Personally, I'm excited that the biggest star in the world is still taking chances and trying to grow as an artist. I love "Girls (Who Run The World)" primarily because it's fucking catchy and fiercer than a drag queen convention but also because Bey is staying true to her hood roots. As a life long Destiny's Child fan, I grew up listening to that beautiful voice belt out R'n'B anthems and there's something comforting about Beyoncé returning to the genre - albeit with a electronic twist. In many ways, "Girls (Who Run The World)" is a return to the urban beats of "B'Day". I described the original 15 second clip as "Ring The Alarm" on crack and that turned out to be scarily accurate. It's a risky move because this kind of music doesn't sell well outside of America but the urban market is wide open at the moment with everyone else doing dance-pop, so who knows? If anyone can pull this off it's Beyoncé. After all, her persuasion can build a nation! In the meantime, I'm just going to crank up the volume and ignore the pressed haters. Their faves could never!

EDIT: The song is actually called "Run The World (Girls)" and was produced by Switch - one half of Major Lazer (the other half being Diplo). My thoughts on the song remain the same!



Anonymous said...

You mean you actually like this? I hoped you were joking in your previous post tbh.

I can't even...


Anonymous said...

And LOL @ the Britney shade.
Of course, that is so something you'd do.

Pressed I see. (per usual)

Clink an said...

Your faves could never is such a tired phrase, can we please try something new? Besides, Beyoncé IS one of my faves and this song is still shite!

Mariah said...

sorry this wasn't even a funny post.

your bey stanning is a bit annoying.

i like it when you exaggerate but when you praise everything beyonce does, it's hard to believe when you actually like something of hers.

girl bye.

tommie said...

Bitch, laying vocals to backing tracks is Disco D's turf. Handbags at dawn!

/Dedicated Droid

Anonymous said...

Song is not bad, but not good. I really hope she doen't bring the whole urban music fad back. I've waited to damn long for Dance to become suprime.

Killer_bey said...

you dont like the song? who fucken cares, take a seat with rest of the ppl who are non-mother fuckin factors! its always either Bey played it safe or she has a crap song,and 2weeks later ppl are praising it. im done with these fools! next!

Luel14 said...

Love it. The song is epic. Haters to the left