Thursday, April 14, 2011

Luciana - I'm Still Hot - Exclusive Video Pics

After keeping nightclubs in business for the past decade with a seemingly endless string of features, Luciana is set to release her first solo track in 17 years! Has it really been that long since "One More River" set the standard for modern balladry? Fuck me. It's rather appropriate then that the dance diva's latest floorfiller is called "I'm Still Hot". Produced by Dave Audé, the song is vintage Luci with her trademark electro-shouting, raunchy lyrics and killer beats. I absolutely adore it and think the Supermal remix is the hottest thing I've heard since... the Adam F remix of "I Like That".

Mrs Clow's fabulous anthem hits iTunes on April 17 and has been picked up by Ministry of Sound in Australia. As a special treat, I've got some exclusive stills from the "I'm Still Hot" video shoot (above and below). I'm told the clip follows the narrative of the song, with Luciana remaining smokin' hot regardless of what life throws at her! It's being filmed by the lovely Burgoyne brothers (Stephen & David), who are not only incredibly hot in their own right but the talented duo behind the diva's "I Like That" video. The pics look absolutely amazing and I'm sure the finished product will be a triumph. That just leaves one question, when is Luci flying over here to promote it?

Make sure you check out this fan-made "I'm Still Hot" video and pre-order the track from iTunes today. I can't wait for this to rule the clubs!

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Me said...

I hope this is a hit for Luci now that overhyped leggy lesbian Jesse J has been jackin her swagga