Thursday, April 28, 2011

Justin Bieber clones from around the world

If you've been following me on Twitter, you'll know that I'm a hardcore Belieber. And more than a little excited about seeing the King of Pop in concert tomorrow night. I honestly think I'll start crying and shaking like a crazy person when he sings "Never Say Never" but I digress. Instead of sitting in front of the computer, listening to the gospel of Biebus, I thought I'd put my stanning to good use and write a post about the amazing impact of the world's second biggest star. After Bey. Justin has single handedly brought back the teen idol. The 70s and 80s were littered with them but the species became seriously endangered in the 90s and almost died out completely in the noughties until the emergence of this man. He manages to be cool and relevant - churning out edgy club bangers with Usher and Chris Brown - yet completely inoffensive and totally at ease singing with low brow trash like Jaden Smith and Miley Cyrus. His talent knows no bounds and his appeal is universal. As you will see from the following three clips that were brought to my attention by an avid reader of Europopped.

1. MM - Hungary's Justin Bieber

I don't know much about this Hungarian superstar. It's hard to find any information written about him in English but he is one of the most convincing Bieber clones out there. He has similar hair and even rocks the JB trademark cap! His video clip is also a bit of a knock off but they spent money on it and the finished product is convincing. MM's music isn't bad either. "Te vagy az a lány" is a fun song. The production is actually quite crisp and I like the chorus. Does anyone know what the title means in English? I would download this if it ever reaches Australian iTunes - which I highly doubt. So help me out, bitches.

2. Monsif - Holland's Justin Bieber

Monsif is a 13 year old Dutchman boy with a big following in his homeland - if his bio is to be believed. This kid is probably the most original of the Bieber clones. His look is totally different and there is something less manufactured about him. Monsif also has the best song of the three JB wannabes in today's post. "Helemaal" is a little gem. I hope it was released physically in the Netherlands because I want it! Again, I have no idea what he's singing about but it's cute and catchy. The video is less flashy than MM's but it's effective and touching, particularly the final scene where he gets to hug the girl in the crowd. Team Monsif!

3. Ian Thomas - Belgium's Justin Bieber

While MM and Monsif at least tried to be differentiate themselves from their idol, Ian Thomas Hoeler - a 13 year old from Belgium - can't be bothered. His debut is a cover of a Flemish cover of "Baby". His hair, fashion and dance moves are also straight from the Bieber handbook. And I'm down with that. I love hearing translations of English language hits and his attempt at copying Luda's rap is rather spectacular. Fingers crossed Ian sticks with it. I want a whole album of Bieber covers. The world needs a Flemish cover of "One Less Lonely Girl"!

Ok, that's enough of the pretenders. Let's watch Biebus belt out the original version of "Baby". Words can't even describe this kind of musical genius!


bomitoni said...

The most wonderful thing about "Baby" is that Christina Milian was one of the cowriters. If only her lazy ass could release a new album already!

Kevin said...

SHIT GURL! Are you for real?

Are you a Bielieber?

Gurl, I didn't know it was possible, but you have sunk to a new low!

Mike said...

lol Christina Milian was a songwriting GUN back in the day! Good to see she still knows her way around a hit. I'd love her to make a comeback.

Robpop said...


Robpop said...

I think its working now!!!

I LOVE this post!!!

But can i add the marv Mohamed Ali!

From Denmark.

Mike said...

Mohamed is amazing! Thanks for the suggestion! X

Jordan Hirst said...

What about Australia's own Cody Simpson?


the writer said...

Unfortunately, I have to dissapoint you for two reasons! The first reason is that i hate Justin Beiber and the second is that we don't have any clone of Justin in Greece.