Friday, April 22, 2011

Jenefer Siân will Call You Out

There's nothing I love more than an underground pop diva and Welsh born, American raised Jenefer Siân definitely fits the bill. She has been releasing singles independently for the last year or so - "Take A Number" is my jam - and she's gearing up to unveil her latest smash "Call You Out". The song is a bit of a change from the upbeat dance-pop of her previous offerings but if you like your music with a bit of attitude then this ode to two-faced bitches could be just what you're looking for! Jenefer sounds great as usual and the lyrics are pretty universal. I'm not really feeling the rock-infused electro production but points for trying something different. In the lead up to her first round of showcases, the sultry stunner will be releasing a new single every three weeks. "Call You Out" is coming to iTunes very soon but for a limited time you can actually download it for free from Jenefer's website. Make sure you check out the video, which finds the singer confronting her duplicitous best friend. I would have done more than throw her in the pool!

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