Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wynter Gordon & The Duelling 2nd Singles

Yesterday Neon Records announced "Til Death" as the official follow up to Wynter Gordon's massive number one smash "Dirty Talk". The song has been doing the rounds for months but it has been given a complete overhaul by Denzal Park - the producers behind Zoë Badwi's fabulous top 10 hit "Freefallin'". I'm told it now has an "Only Girl In The World" vibe and is scheduled to hit radio on April 11. Some of you might be scratching your head, wondering what happened to "Pride (Putting It Out There)" but that was just a promo single for Mardi Gras. To muddy the waters even further, another record label is trying to cash in on the success of "Dirty Talk" by re-releasing the diva's 2010 club smash "Believer". Only now Vicious is pushing the track to radio as Wynter Gordon featuring The Freemasons instead of the other way around. Cheeky! It's a bit complicated but I kind of like the Wynter overload. Just remember that her official second single is "Til Death" but better yet - buy them all! My second favourite interviewee returns to Australia in April for the Creamfields dance music festival. Buy your ticket now!


Calen said...

Love this girl! Such a talent! I'm so glad she's finally getting some recognition. Australia sure knows what's up ;)

Ambrose said...

This won't truly have success, I think this way.
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