Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Raffaella Carrà Returns To Save Music

One of the most popular pieces I've ever written for this blog was a tribute to the legendary Italian diva Raffaella Carrà. I still receive the occasional email about it. They range from helpful recommendations all the way through to outraged essays. Mentioning La Carrà's Argentine adventure haunts me to this very day! Since then my love for Italy's greatest export has continued to grow. She really was ahead of her time and I'm convinced La Gaga stole her look. Anyway, the original and the best has been very quiet lately but pop fans can breathe a sigh of relief because Raffaella is back with the song of the (European/American) summer! "A Far L'Amore" is the handiwork of French DJ Bob Sinclar, who is best known in Australia for his massive number one hit "Love Generation.

Oh, hang on a minute...
Sorry, Raffa called and ordered me to stop polluting her post with inconsequential details about that boring Frenchman.

All you really need to know about this future smash is that it re-works the stunning 67 year old diva's 1977 disco classic "A Far L'amore Comincia Tu". That song is probably Raffaella's biggest international hit. It was translated into German ("Liebelei"), Spanish ("En El Amor Todo Es Empezar") and became her only UK hit when it was released as "Do It, Do It Again". It is so catchy, I can't believe it hasn't been revived until now. And Bob does a great job. He deserves credit for keeping the original vocal and I love the overhaul. "A Far L'Amore" now reminds me of club hits like "We Speak No Americano" and "Barbra Streisand". It's quite minimal and repetitive but after a couple of listens it gets stuck in your head and refuses to leave. La Carrà is even dusting off her sequins to appear in the video. It's exciting but they should just use the stunning fan-made effort (below). Raffaella's exquisite beauty and hypnotic dance moves are perfectly showcased. Brace yourself for the comeback hit of 2011!


Peibols said...

My mum will go to discos to dance this again.

Sebastian said...

The Greatest Raffaella at her best, even now a days she still amazing!
I'm from Argentina, probably this song arrive here next summer, but thanks to internet my mother is dancing too! ;)
Raffaella is the best, and the first!
Very nice blog Mike!

Cristián said...

God forbid! You are leaving out the mention of the fifth version: in FRECNCH! Yes. Oui.
"Puisque Tu L'Aime Dis-Le Lui"


Sebastian said...

Yes. To be accurate Raffaella sang several of her 70's hits in different languages:
-A far l'amore comincia tu: in italian, castellano, english, french & german.
-Fiesta: italian & castellano.
-0303456 / 5353456: italian & castellano (2 versions) & GREEK!: 6868357 THA.
-Rumore: in italian, spanish, french (Lumiere) & english (Get movin').
-Forte, forte, forte: in italian, castellano, french & german.
Mostly her LP's -till 1988- had 2 versions: original in italian and castellano version including several songs in english.
Njoy here her live performance from her Amore Show 2006, where she sang A far l'amore multilingual (italian-french-english-spanish)

Sebastian said...

Forgot Fiesta in french!
and the youtb link!

Mike said...

What a talent! I can't believe she mastered so many languages.

I need "Rumore" in English!

Juan said...

I'm from Argentina too, this woman is amazing! I like the new version of the song, a bit dull perhaps (at least compared to the original version) but good enough to deserve massive club plays.

Anonymous said...

Ciao a tutti,
sono Tony amministratore del sito


questo è un video del mio canale youtube


musicbeing said...

There really is no point in putting any sentence mentioned Lady Gaga borrowing...we all know that already. It just sickens me that people still continue to include her when writing of the true original pop idols. She doesn't even deserve that!

Mike said...

Tony, thanks for the link. I love it!

Sebastian said...

MAY 14! Raffaella is gonna be the hostess of Eurovision Song Contest for Italy (EuroSong)
On RAI -italian national tv network.
may 14!


A hug from Arg!

Sebastián said...

Minuts ago Raffaella & Bob Sinclar
presented Far L'Amore at italian TV show!

MAY 14: Raffaella is gonna be the hostess of Eurovision Song Contest (Eurosong) for Italy! on national tv network RAI.

A hug from Argentina!


Anonymous said...