Friday, March 18, 2011

Lionel Richie + Guy Sebastian + RedOne

Lionel Richie is poised to have his first major Australian hit since... time immemorial the early 90s with a re-make of "All Night Long". His 1983 number one smash has been overhauled by RedOne and now features Guy Sebastian on backing vocals. I know it sounds like a bad joke but the update actually kind of works and all the proceeds go to the victims of the Christchurch earthquake and Queensland floods - so there's no excuse not to at least try this shit out. Just be grateful they went with "All Night Long" instead of "Hello" or "Penny Lover"! The song has a timeless quality (which RedOne proved last year by sampling it in Enrique's "I Like It") and lends itself easily to the duet format. Although to be honest, Guy really does play second fiddle to Lionel on this. It's like he didn't want to outshine the superstar with his superior vocals - Am I forgiven Guy Sebastian stans? - and humbly took a back seat. Guy is actually on fire at the moment. I secretly love "Who's That Girl" and his joint tour with Lionel is bringing in huge crowds. He just needs to re-release his underrated masterpiece "Oh Oh" and I'll considering turning to the dark side. As for Lionel, this is easily his finest moment since 2004's "Just For You" - one of my favourite jams from that year. "All Night Long 2011" isn't on YouTube yet, but you can preview the song on iTunes. The track is already at #13 after a day, so it looks like being a big hit. I hope there's a glamorous video to accompany this hot mess. Hell, a live clip would suffice. Check out the original version below. Those high waisted leather jeans are to die for!


Anonymous said...

where can i hear the new version?

Toni M said...

What a clever remix - I love Guy Sebaastian's clever vocals on this tune!