Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kristine Elezaj... Still On The Warpath!

In what has to be a record for the longest gap between the release of a single and the debut of a video clip, Kristine Elezaj's "Warpath" finally hits YouTube 7 months after the song first appeared on iTunes. I guess that means there's still hope for Adele to whip something up for "Someone Like You"! Speaking of classy, soulful vocalists - Krissy has been an obsession of mine for months. She first appeared on the blog in December and it was love at first listen. If you haven't heard "Warpath" yet, drop everything and click play. You really don't know what you've been missing.

Kristine's jam is pop trash at its finest. I love the catchy chorus, constantly quote the fabulous lyrics ("I saw that trick that you was with last night, she was Justin Bieber's look-a-like!") and ache for the faux Britney production. Emily Osment and her crack team of Brit Brit copyright infringers could never! So, that leaves one question. Was the clip worth the wait? The answer is a resounding yes. Sure, Krissy just stands around looking hot with a bit of choreography and an owl thrown in for good measure but it's adorable and will look amazing on the video jukebox in your local gay bar. All hail Queen Kristine!


Anonymous said...

She Out-Britney'd Britney, that's for sure. I'm also partial to "Kidnap the DJ" from her LP. It's nice to see girls like her and Kimberly Cole riding the wave of DIY Los Angeles Slut-Pop, after pioneer Heidi Montag opened up the doors for them. Speaking of which, why hasn't Queen Montag released any new music yet? Has her money run out? Shame The Hills is done, now her 15minutes are over there's no income for her to waste on a Pop career.

Mike said...

I think Queen Heidi is still churning them out. A couple of songs have leaked, so maybe she's just biding her time until she revolutionises pop music yet again.

Jordan said...

I swear this video has fallen through a tear in the fabric of time from an alternate reality where Lindsay Lohan was less of a fuckup... this is the song/video she would be making.