Friday, March 25, 2011

Jordan Knight In Amazing Single Shocker!

I need to preface this post by saying that I am not some crazy New Kids On The Block fan with a poster of Joey on the wall and a dildo called Donnie locked away in the bedside table. If anything, I was a bit of a hater. My sister and, somewhat disturbingly, my straight brother were obsessed and used to hog the stereo - blasting "Hangin' Tough" for hours when all I wanted to do was rock out to Mel & Kim. Besides, everyone knows the best American boyband of that era was Boys II Men but I digress. Just know that nostalgia plays no role in my labelling "Let's Go Higher" one of the first great singles of 2011. Jordan Knight has jumped on the urban dance bandwagon later than some but he's the only 40 year old white man to pull it off. At least that I'm aware of!

Penned by one time Gaga collaborator Colby O'Donis, "Let's Go Higher" is the lead single from Jordan's first solo album in five years. And it's easily his best record since 1999's stunning "Give It To You" (who will ever forget his gravity defying dance moves in front of the Ferris wheel in that iconic video?) and holds up well against anything on the charts. Seriously, this jam is more addictive than Mi goreng instant noodles. I love the Taio Cruz by numbers production, approve of the lavish use of autotune and ache for the catchy vocal hooks. Oooo-oooo-oooo-oooo-oooo! Fingers crossed the song revives Jordan's solo career. He looks hotter with each passing year and with Jenny from the block and Diddy back in the charts, hitmakers from the 90s are the new black! Listen in awe to "Let's Go Higher" below.


bomitoni said...

Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight is my first love. He was my fist gay crush at age 12. I adored NKOTB. I screamed louder than any bitch at the reunion show. Remind me to show you my pics from that show Mike. This song is hot! I forever have the lyrics to "Give It To You" etched in my brain. "Cause only I can keep you wet..." Where's the mop??

Calen said...

I love this song! Totally bought it off iTunes.

I'm actually seeing him and the rest of NKOTB with the Backstreet boys this summer.


Anonymous said...

My dildo's name is Joey (lmao)

Can't wait to see Let's Go Higher performed live, Jordan's SO talented!

John said...

I wrote about it somewhere else, but Jordan Is a diva of the highest degree. Witnessed it firsthand when I was managing a record store in Atlanta during the "Give It To You" promotion, and from what Will-W. reported, he hasn't changed much since then as he goes into promotion mode for this record. Having said all of this, He has a great ear for music, and the boy can SANG! It's a great track, and I'm glad Colby is still getting some work.

Phoenix said...

Can they please make a version that just does the "oooooooh oooooh" bit over and over, about, say, 32 - hell, make it 33 - times in a row? That way, I won't have to just keep dragging the itunes bar back to it, repeatedly.

Mike said...

John - was Jordan a total diva? Spill!

And Phoenix, I totally agree. That's definitely the best bit!!