Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Introducing INY - Korea's Hood Girlband!

It's official - Korea is the new home of popular music. Don't worry Mexico, you'll re-claim your crown when Lorena Herrera comes out of retirement! K Pop is seriously on fire at the moment. In the past couple of days the poptastic nation has blessed us with amazing anthems from Girl's Day, LPG and now INY. That's like the Spice Girls, Sugababes and Vanilla all debuting new material in the same week! I don't know how they do it. Where do they find all these stunningly talented girls? I'm starting to think they are genetically engineered in a lab. Take INY, for example. These angels are too lovely to be true. They have it all - looks, vocal ability and a disturbing rape fetish. Think of them as the Asian t.A.T.u! Here are ten reasons why INY is your new favourite girlband:

1. Their debut single "Shake It, Shake It" is a shameless rip off massive improvement on Ciara's "Love Sex Magic".
2. INY's gimmick is their street image - basically, they are presented as hoodlums who roam the streets of Korea stealing iPods from school girls. Bitches are HARD.
3. The video for "Shake It, Shake It" is as offensive as it is fabulous.
4. Highlights include muggings, attempted rape and even a murder!
5. The lead singer's red wig is everything that Riri's wishes it could be.
6. They wouldn't be an edgy girlband without some lesbian tension, which is duly provided in the video.
7. My fave (the stunning redhead) prevents her bandmate from being gang-raped and then takes her to a karaoke bar to celebrate. As you do.
8. Unfortunately, Korean rapists are persistent and the girls are pursued through the back streets of a slum and finally captured in a scene straight out of "Old Boy".
9. Happily, they are saved when their would be rapists accidentally murder another girl by mistake. Thug life!
10. The third band member appears in the tasteful video for ONE SECOND exactly.

Watch what is surely the most gripping video of 2011 below.


GentlemanGaGa said...


I love this video! The song is a total rip off but whatever..... I love their other un released ballad! Stunning!!! Can't wait for them to blow up!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Mariah said...

i almost passed out while watching this video.

The Prophet said...


Already true LEGENDS in my book.

They are the best girl group ever!

You know the one who was murdered? She was the original fourth member, but she doesn't appear in any of the first promo shots or on the single cover, yet she's in the video being killed! Nobody can tell yet whether INY are a 2, 3, or 4 member group!

Anthony said...

The video took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting much from some random rookie group {now goddesses who have taken over my iPod} but the extreme nature of the video made me instantly love the song & INY.

The Prophet said...

Anthony, you need their stunning pre-debut pop/ballad track! (download link in description)

Live performance

Mike said...

Jacques, can we start an Australian fan club? INY is taking over! <3

The Prophet said...


Actually, me and Tila are gonna start a INY fan page tomorrow on Twitter. You can be a part of it!

INY forever!

I hope somebody signs them soon because I think they're unsigned and some business men put them together trying to shop them to agencies (for real) LOL.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic group!

You've been finding some great stuff lately, Mike.

This song is much better than Ciara's, and their image is unique and edgy. It's so different to most K-Pop idols.

I hope they go far!

Good2SeeU said...

I wasn't expecting much from this but it was so good! I hope this group takes off. They seem edgy and cool girls. Really liked the lesbian vibe!

I love your diverse taste in this site! Keep on keepin on!

Shaniqua said...

INY seem promising! I loled at the video! Very cheap but effective! ahah such bad girls! ahaha love it!

Anonymous said...

There is no way this better than ciara song! love their style and i have to say they rippd cici off bad

Anonymous said...

This is like the korean version of L.S.M ciara should sue! no way ths is better ciara sounds hot and j.t

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