Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Beyoncé & Alicia's Lost Video

Given that I literally have a Beyoncé shrine in my bedroom and positively adore Alicia Keys, it's surprising that their duet leaves me cold. I don't hate "Put It In A Love Song" and would cut a bitch to get my hands on a physical promo but these two peerless pop icons deserved better. The song doesn't suit Alicia's otherwise flawless "Element Of Freedom" album and it kind of sounds like a "Sasha Fierce" B-side when added to my Bey playlist. Having said all that, I still think it's catchy as fuck and genuinely love the funky chorus. It just needed a bigger hook and production that stole from "Single Ladies" a little less obviously. Despite those flaws, "Put It In A Love Song" looked set to be an international hit when it was selected as the fourth single from Alicia's album.

It reached the top 20 in Australia with no promotion and a glossy video was shot in Brazil. However, the track was pulled at the last minute and the film clip was shelved. Much to my annoyance. The stills from the set looked amazing (above) and I really wanted to see these divas dance together. Well, footage from the shoot has finally leaked and it is as breathtakingly fabulous as I imagined. Beyoncé has never looked so stunning and Alicia glows with an ease and confidence that I'm not used to seeing. Think of this as the low budget, girls gone not so wild version of "Telephone"! I've only seen a couple of seconds and I'm already obsessed. And I now have an undeniable urge to blast the track on repeat. Rude. Check it out and pray to Bey that we eventually see the finished product.


Dave said...

I could never understand why that vid was shelved. They both look fucking S*T*U*N*N*I*N*G.

Anonymous said...

the reason this was shelved is because how Alicia shows what a crap voice Beyonce has