Thursday, March 17, 2011

Barb@zul & The Video Of The Year (Part 2)

Last April I posted Barb@zul's brilliant "I Don't Care" and loudly declared it the video of the year. By the close of 2010 a couple of other clips had edged in front of it but their gay soccer romance remains one of my all time favourites. For so many reasons. Well, my future husbands José and Lázaro have finally delivered the sequel. You might remember that the first installment ended in a major cliffhanger. Basically, Laz and Juan were in the midst of a romance straight out of Mills & Boon. They met on the soccer field - as most gays do - and then started dating. You could tell that marriage and adopted children from Kazakhstan were just around the corner but horny Juan put his paws all over another man and Laz went "hell, no!" and cut that bitch. It was as heartbreaking as it was dramatic and completely realistic. So now, after 10 long months, we finally get to see what happens next in the band's latest clip "Midnight In Berlin". And it has totally been worth the wait!

If you don't want me to ruin the ending stop reading now. Just know that Part 2 is full of more twists, turns and darkrooms than a Mexican telenovela! Yes, it's really that amazing. Where to start? Firstly, don't fuck with a Spanish gay. Juan tries to apologise but Laz gets his bitch on and says he's going to Berlin. Which, coincidentally, is my favourite city in the world - although I am yet to set foot in Huesca. Once in the German capital, Laz walks around looking miserable. Naturally, he ends up at a gay bar being hit on by a bear but decides against it and plays soccer instead. Meanwhile Juan hits town and heads straight to the club. And then the darkroom. Some gays have no time to waste. This is where I get confused and need some assistance from my Spanish gays. Laz sees Juan in a porno mag, realises he's Spain's biggest porn star and they reunite? No? Whatever. This is stunning and the song itself is brilliant. José's pipes are in fine form and I love the Depeche Mode via Gran Canaria production.

So do we get a part 3 or at least a porn version next? I have needs...


Peibols said...

Huesca's Major will name a street after you.

Anonymous said...

i love!!

Jake said...

I love your review! These bears are super cute and we need another chapter, I'm hooked :)

fer said...

Sorry Mike, I don't understand anything either.
I think we need the Director's cut. Or the Explicit version. Something.

Seth said...

I desperately want to have sex with Juan.

This video is just a sharp reminder that i must find love on the soccer field, either that or flip through the pages of a porn catalogue.

I believe that the part where we get lost happens that they both have been feeling miserable and having one night stands and sucking dick at gloryholes, when all of a sudden Lazaro finds out that Juan will be in Berlin (or at least that's what i'm trying to imagine) as part of some porn convention/event/thingie and they decide to reunite. Works for me and makes me horneh

Matt said...

i don't get it but i LOVE it!!!

Mike said...


Lazaro has contacted me to explain the video!

"Really what I have wanted to express in this second part is that Juan asks me to return because he thinks that I am confused and I despues to be some you gave in Berlin, I think about everything that podria to occur for be not with the and if you fixed well in the video, there is a moment in which I awake of a nightmare and all is a bad dream but always in the videos is better not to leave it all so clear so that the I publish its own one be chirped pelicula, what always remained in doubt is if the me deceit or not in the first part but what if is true is that the two people are wanted and they cannot be one without the other and are things that pass to many couples, when they finish always they think about what its former one may be doing alone When already is free in its relacion."

And back of Seth, Juan is mine!

Hidroboy said...

Ok, let's see.
I don't get the point of the Berlin drama because he's only there for, what? two days? "It's too late, I'm going to Berlin" he says and Juan stays like "fuck, I lost him!" and two days later Lazaro is back.
I really like the point that in a weekend you can become a pornstar in Barcelona. That's completely true.
Oh, and Juan is not going to a club: the Casanova place he's visiting is a gay sauna.
I don't really understand why going to a sauna, a darkroom and becoming a pornstar is like falling through hell. Juan is really enjoying it!
And I liked the magazines moment. "Hi, I bring you your Shangay magazines" - "Oh thanks, here! Have this little magazine that I give you in a very natural way so you can see your ex has become a whore because of you"

So they reunite and fuck. Where's the ending? That's a continous gay loop that we all live in.

And the explanation of Lazaro is a complete mess. But not because he's on poppers but because he wrote in spanish and passed it through Google Translator. More or less what he's trying to say is that everything might be (or not) a dream of Lazaro thinking of what would become of Juan if he's not around.
Again I don't see why fucking every night, going to the sauna and becoming a pornstar is something bad.
But that the point is that they love each other and can't leave separated.
I really love the expression: "I think about everything that podria to occur" and "if you fixed well in the video".

Anonymous said...


Mike said...

So it's all a dream? Midnight In Berlin is more confusing than Inception!

Lazaro is such a misunderstood genius <3

Anonymous said...

Hidroboy , you're the only one who is "on popper's"... Have you a serius mental disease?... if don't like barb@zul videos , don't see it!! and please.. live your life man... you'are livin in contiuous barb@zul obssesion!!