Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soraya's Dreamer Video

My heart bleeds for Madonna and Lady Gaga. Those sad flops might as well throw in towel now because their careers are over. From the first second of "Dreamer" it is blindingly obvious that pop music has a new queen. Dry your eyes, trolls and monsters. We all have fond memories of retro hits like "Hung Up" and "Poker Face" but it's time to embrace the future. And let's face it, who wants to look at a wrinkled old prune when you could be feasting your eyes on the legendary beauty of Soraya Arnelas! The exquisite Spanish diva takes things to the next level on her latest video. She obviously saw Natalie Gauci's version of "Dreamer", pissed herself laughing and thought bitch, please. Her clip oozes style, class and elegance. It also displays Soraya's commitment to the environment by recycling the costumes and concept of Kylie's heinous "Get Outta My Way" video. The gold bodice is there, so is the random stair case and epilepsy inducing lighting. Amazingly, it actually works this time around. My beautiful angel dances up a storm, wears a wig that clearly fell off the head of a homeless drag queen and unleashes some of the most expensive (Spanish) special effects ever captured on film! "Dreamer" is obviously the best video of 2011 and should be another international smash for Soraya. Her time is now!

I can't embed the video, so click here and be amazed by the Spanish siren's stunning video.


Tony Tornado said...

Honey, last sunday on Operación Triunfo Finales she made TV history...
No one of the more than 120 contestants of the talent show will never have half of her talent.
Look at this:

Anonymous said...

Just watched a good video myself Mike.

Darin - Lovekiller

The albums is quite good with some belters...you should review it!

Me said...

Beyond Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

God I LOVE Soraya! Such an underated pop queen. This Diva needs worldwide attention NOW!...Then again, so does Kate Ryan, Medina, Inna, Mary Kiani, Pandora, Velvet & Helena Paparizou!