Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sia Talks Beyoncé

My love for Sia has reached previously unimagined heights after reading her latest interview with MTV Australia. The quirky diva is the realest girl in pop since Mutya Buena left the Sugababes to get butt implants. She talks openly about being sick of the spotlight, wanting to concentrate on songwriting instead of singing and, most importantly, spills the beans on her love for Beyoncé - describing her as "my queen". Amen! Sia then goes on to say she has submitted songs for Honey B's new album and reveals that the most eagerly anticipated album of all time is almost finished. I can hardly breathe!

So here are the most interesting parts of the interview and my interpretation of the ARIA winner's comments:

1. Sia worships Beyoncé and is friends with my Sol-Angel

[Bey] is my Queen, I love her so much! It’s kind of weird because I’m friends with her sister, Solange, but I’m not really an opportunist person, so I’ve never mentioned it to her. So I’ve been trying to work out how I could pitch songs to her or how I could write with her, but without ever utilizing my friendship with Solange.

I'm so excited that Adelaide's gift to the world has opened her heart to Beyjesus. It's a bit strange because I've always imagined Sia moping around the house in an unwashed nightie listening to Joni Mitchell instead of throwing it down to "Ring The Alarm" but Bey works in mysterious ways. And I love that she is BFFs with Solange. Actually, now that I think about it, "I Decided" and "Sandcastle Disco" wouldn't sound out of place on "We Are Born". Perhaps my Sol-Angel has been inspiring Sia from the sidelines. Hopefully Tina will drop by the next time the girls are hanging out and give Sia a free coupon for the House of Dereon. Untold glamour awaits!

2. Sia confirms that Bey is working with Diplo

Diplo emailed me and said, 'where are you in the world right now would you be interested in flying to New York, I’m writing with Beyoncé,' and I was like, ‘Yesss!’ But I couldn’t do it because I had to do the Big Day Out, but now it’s kind of happening, and I’m actually pitching songs to her.

This is amazing on so many levels. Firstly because it proves that the biggest star in the world is brave enough to mix it up by trying new producers while the likes of Britney, Lady Gaga and Rihanna continue to use the same three names year in, year out. It also hints at a more electronic/dance sound given Diplo's previous work with Robyn. Furthermore, Sia said Diplo was writing with Beyoncé - meaning we get more of the genius songwriting ability that changed "Hey" to "Bey" in "Resentment". I'm shaking with anticipation! And it's so fabulous that Beyjesus is taking Sia's submissions seriously. I thought "Bionic" had killed Sia's chances of becoming a songwriter to the stars but her contributions to that album were flawless and I'm glad she has a second chance. I know Jive rejected a batch of her songs for "Femme Fatale" but Sia's music requires vocal talent and a little bit of soul - so they were never going to be the right fit for Britney.

3. Beyoncé's 4th album is almost finished!

There’s only one song left for this album, so I probably won’t get on this album, but hopefully the next one. That’s my dream, that’s my goal.

HOLY FUCK. I suspected that Bey was gearing up to show the pretenders how it's done when I heard she was headlining Glastonbury in June but we could be getting new material as early as March or April if the album is already in the can. To be honest, I wish she would hold off until late 2011 because the market is flooded but after "Loud", "Born This Way" and "Femme Fatale" punters will be crying out for quality so she could be on to something.

Read the full article here

While we wait for Beyoncé to revolutionise popular music yet again - check out this forgotten classic from "B'Day".


FeedLimmy said...

Bey doing a Sia track would be intense on so many levels. GAYS... hand fan me now, I'm catching a fever just thinking about it!

Mike said...

Finally someone with taste. Respect!

Diva Incarnate said...

Ugh, copying Christina - Sia should give them to someone who can sing instead. A Sia slice of Solange would be MUCH more exciting for example. I can't believe someone I love wants to work with T-Rex thighs herself, Beyonce.

Seth said...

OMG! Behold!, Beyonce is coming!!... Ready to snatch bitches greasy weaves left and right. UR FAVS CUD NEVA!!!

Anonymous said...

B got da GREEN LIGHT to destroy ya faves!