Thursday, February 10, 2011

Proof That Kylie Does Everything First

Lady Gaga is so fucking shameless. First she steals Madonna's career and now blatantly rips off Kylie's stunning "2 Hearts" artwork (below) on the cover of her latest single. The likeness is hard to deny. Both covers share a similar composition, Gaga's eye make-up is almost identical to Dannii's ancient sister's and the cheeky bitch even swiped my homegirl's font. Is nothing sacred? We all know that swagga jackin' is rife in pop music but Lady Gaga holds herself out as a cutting edge innovator, who is in total control of her career and image. Recycling a well known single cover from 2007 just isn't good enough. Having said all that, it is a compliment of sorts - acknowledging that Kylie was, as usual, ahead of her time. I actually think the entire "X" era is incredibly misunderstood, from the styling to the music. But more about that another time. For now let's concentrate on the diva's new status as Lady Gaga's muse and congratulate her on scoring the 34th UK top ten hit of her career this week with "Higher". Kylie wasn't blessed with Dannii's breathtaking vocal talent or raw beauty but she's done alright.

Kylie's Top 10 Hits

1987 - I Should Be So Lucky
1988 - Got To Be Certain
1988 - The Loco-Motion
1988 - Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
1988 - Especially For You
1989 - Hand on Your Heart
1989 - Wouldn't Change a Thing
1989 - Never Too Late
1990 - Tears On My Pillow
1990 - Better The Devil You Know
1990 - Step Back in Time
1991 - What Do I Have to Do?
1991 - Shocked
1991 - If You Were with Me Now
1991 - Give Me Just a Little More Time
1994 - Confide In Me
2000 - Spinning Around
2000 - On a Night Like This
2000 - Please Stay
2000 - Kids
2001 - Can't Get You Out of My Head
2002 - In Your Eyes
2002 - Love at First Sight
2002 - Come into My World
2003 - Slow
2004 - Red Blooded Woman
2004 - Chocolate
2004 - I Believe In You
2005 - Giving You Up
2007 - 2 Hearts
2008 - Wow
2008 - In My Arms
2010 - All The Lovers
2011 - Higher


tommie said...

Can't wait for the Lady DelusionalDouche backlash!

Big D said...

I heart you.

Martin said...

That thieving bitch whore! I hope her album flops harder than dannii's breasts on a faux desert photoshoot!

BTW, you totally need to include my vid in this post.

Diva Incarnate said...

I think Kylie's just relieved that someone has bigger nostrils than she does, even if their not triangular (the Minogue trademark).

Me said...

More evidence that Steffanny Crapalotta is overrated, unoriginal SHITE!

Not only is she stealing from the elder Minogue, P!nk, Katy Perry & Ke$ha did the support the Gay / outcast / minority group anthem last year. And so much better...