Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kylie's Latest Greatest Hits Package

This is not a joke. Kylie is about to release her 278th greatest hits compilation in Japan. Words can not describe how much I want this. "Kylie Hits" is the hottest mess the diva has put her name to in years. There's the recycled "Aphrodite" photoshoot cover, the cheapest font I've seen since Bec Cartwright's debut album and a mind-boggling tracklist that includes such classics as "The Loco-Motion (Live Version)" and "Get Outta My Way (Yasutaka Nakata Remix)". Amazing. But the real reason to import this gem is the bonus DVD, which contains "The One", "All The Lovers" and my favourite Kylie clip of all time - "All I See". It will be mine!

Order your copy here and check out the full tracklist below:


01. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
02. All The Lovers
03. Wow
04. Spinning Around
05. On A Night Like This
06. In Your Eyes
07. Love At First Sight
08. Slow
09. I Believe In You
10. 2 Hearts
11. Get Outta My Way
12. The Loco-Motion (Live version from "Showgirl Homecoming")
13. I Should Be So Lucky (Live version from "Showgirl Homecoming")
14. Get Outta My Way (Yasutaka Nakata Remix)


01. All The Lovers
02. Get Outta My Way
03. 2 Hearts
04. Wow
05. In My Arms
06. The One
07. All I See
08. I Believe In You
09. Giving You Up
10. Slow
11. Chocolate
12. Can't Get You Outta My Head
13. Spinning Around


Diva Incarnate said...

That IS pretty alluring actually.

Me said...

That is the real cover?!? Looks like one of those dodgy fakes spread around by that THING that pretends to be an insider and have all these (non-existent) ultra rare promos and withdrawn items...

So they scrapped the other 6 tracks (apparently including Flower) then - and including the most shitty remix ever of any track (let alone something as shitty as FLOP Outta Tha Charts) has to be a piss-take...

The DVD edition will be handy for the videos for The FLOP, AIS, GYU, IMA (and FOTC) which aren't available on any other Kylie release.

Though surely since this is for the Japanese market, they could have splashed out to get GBI & Sometime Samurai on there which would generate many more sales from the international long-term die-hards as they won't appear elsewhere ever.

Mike said...

GBI and Sometime Samurai would have been great additions!