Monday, February 21, 2011

Kylie Thrills Me Like She Did Before

To be completely honest I was growing tired of the "Aphrodite" era. It started brilliantly with "All The Lovers" but "Get Outta My Way" was criminally mistimed, the past couple of videos have been utterly vile and don't even get me started on that shiteous album killer of a single "Better Than Today". But then I got online this morning and started watching clips of the Aphrodite World Tour - which kicked off in Denmark last night - and I'm back. The $25 million dollar stage is truly spectacular, Dolce & Gabbana have outdone themselves with the costumes and I wholeheartedly approve of the setlist. There's a nice mixture of new, old and very old songs, while still keeping the focus on her latest album.

I'm slightly bitter that "Looking For An Angel" (AKA the Dannii B-side from "Aphrodite") made the cut, while Pascal Gabriel's glorious "Can't Beat The Feeling" was reduced to medley status but the surprise inclusion of my favourite Deconstruction era track "If You Don't Love Me" more than makes up for it. But the absolute highlight (from what I've seen online) has to be "Cupid Boy". I saw Kylie perform the song at GAY in London and it was a not so hot mess but she's finally nailed the vocal. The presentation is also perfection, from the Dangerous Liaisons-esque gown to the semi-naked men hanging from the rafters. Watch in awe below as the slightly more famous Minogue brings Luciana's pop gem to life.

Oh and I'm told the tour will hit Australia in late July/early August. Just not sure if I can wait that long!


John said...

San Francisco in May. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Mike, did you know Pete Hammond has done a remix for Kylie's 4th single "Put Your hands Up (If You Feel Love"? She's returning to her PWL roots...can't wait to hear the results!

daniel said...

can't wait for SF and LA!

Poster Girl said...

Aphrodite is full of fantastic songs, but if "Cupid Boy" is relegated to "should have been a single status"--as it looks like it will be--I'm really going to be upset. I love those first two single choices, but...what was it you said when the album came out, something like it was the most modern/chart-relevant Kylie had sounded in a long time? That's spot-on.