Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Like That - Remixed - Again!

It seems like a strange thing to say about the biggest crossover club hit of recent years - not to mention one of my favourite songs of all time - but I don't rate any of the "I Like That" remixes. It could be because I'm so attached to the original and find it pointless to fuck with perfection but there's something underwhelming about all of them. With one exception. Luciana's double platinum Australian smash is almost two years old now but the track has only just reached UK clubs, which means a whole new remix package. Predictably, most of them are shit but I'm in love with Adam F's drum and bass mix (below). He transforms "I Like That" into a demented Prodigy-esque floorfiller complete with sirens and a male vocal. It's edgy, brooding and almost scarily intense. Adjectives you can't apply to any of the other mixes. The makeover seems to be working given the song's recent peak at number 2 on the UK club chart. I can't believe the track is still burning up dancefloors around the world and I'm even more shocked that I'm still not over it! Stay tuned for a lot more from Luciana over the next few weeks but for now, fall in love with "I Like That" all over again.


Alex said...

This song is awesome already and this mix really has brought more life into it in a very different way.

You beat my drum hard, indeed.


John said...

Prodigy is a perfect comparison. Love it!

Anonymous said...

cool mix!