Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Accidents Happen + 10 Reasons Why Zoë Badwi Is Better Than Your Faves

Six months ago - has it really been that long? - Zoë Badwi unleashed "Freefallin'" on unsuspecting homosexuals across Australia and landed herself one of the biggest homegrown pop hits of the year. The song reached the top 10, went platinum and was picked up by Altantic Records in America. Which means there's a lot riding on the follow up. Lesser divas would have buckled under the pressure but Zoë delivers another knock out punch with "Accidents Happen". I admit it took me a couple of listens to get into but now the damn thing is stuck in my head and I'm getting RSI from repeatedly pressing replay on my iPod. The track, another collaboration with TV Rock, sounds like something Reina released in 1998 - which is possibly the highest compliment I have ever paid on this blog! "Accidents Happen" is cute, fun and should hopefully follow (the slightly superior) "Freefallin'" to the top of the charts. And if you still have doubts about this sublime songbird - sit down, read the following list and get correct!

10 Reasons Why Zoë Slays Your Faves:

1. Zoë was a founding member of iconic Australian girlband

2. As such she
bum-danced with Sara Marie on the trashiest novelty hit of the noughties. Respect.

3. One of my first music related jobs involved putting together a digital promo of her top 10 club smash
"In The Moment".

4. Which - kind of - makes her my homegirl.

5. She tweets about Red Rooster's cheesy nuggets ie. the best fast food EVER!

6. I still hear "Release Me" every time I hit Oxford Street.

7. Her platinum selling mega-hit "Freefallin'" saved Amy Pearson (who co-wrote it) from a life of poverty and/or crime.

8. That song was 2010's ultimate 'pick yourself up, dust yourself off' anthem.

9. I suspect "Accidents Happen" is really about unreliable birth control.

10. Zoë teams a fluffy pink baby doll blouse with leather hotpants in the video - without looking like a cross between Baby Jane and a lesbian trucker.

Watch in awe as Australia's new queen of dance (sorry, Suzy Ray!) shows the other bitches how it's done.


Cyber said...

Reason 11: She looks like she's ready for some rough bum loving on her new single cover.

Mike said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sorry, but ACCIDENTS HAPPEN is a good description for this song. They've accidentally released a really crap song.

It's OK until you play it directly or after Freefalling, then you realise that it doesn't make the grade at all.

Feedlimmy said...

Completely agree with your 10 Commandments of The Badwi. But point #1 supercedes all.

Matt said...

i like the song but she looks old