Friday, November 05, 2010

Sirens - Pop Trash Interview

Sorry, gays. Zoë Badwi hasn't re-formed the greatest Australian girlband of the 00s. Rather, I was lucky enough to chat with England's Sirens - perhaps the most underrated pop act to emerge from the UK since Nicki French! The group has been at it since 2003 but their resume is decidedly lacking in hits. Sadly, the closest they have come to chart domination is a #49 smash in 2004 with the iconic "Baby (Off The Wall)". They spent the rest of the decade being big in Japan and working on their stunning sophomore album, which died a miserable death at home but eventually found an audience in America. Most bands would have thrown in the towel long ago but these are three persistent bitches. You see, Sirens is back yet again - this time with an electro album called "3" and a recently released anthem called "Stilettos" (see bottom of post). I asked them about their lack of hits, hot new sound and ongoing feud with Shayne Ward. Here's what they had to say:

Hey girls, I’m loving "Stilettos"! Do you realise how many drag queens have a new favourite song?
Get in!! Pleased to hear that. We see ourselves as Drag Queen-esque with our new look – can we be in the gang?

I'm sure that can be arranged! The song is a real change of pace for Sirens. What made you choose electro-pop after experimenting with hip hop beats for so many

We didn’t choose it, it chose us. We had a hit in the states with
our electromix of "Club La La" and decided that was an exciting and fresh direction to go in and it was!

Is "Stilettos" reflective of your upcoming album? Who have you worked on it with?
"Stilettos" is reflective of "3" but there is still a happy helping
of urban influence on there. We worked with Red One’s protégé Eric Sanicola in NYC, DeeKay in Copenhagen and Rage (of P Diddy's "Dirty Money").

You girls look so fancy in the video! What inspired your glamorous new look?Gotham City Sirens with a mixer of Drag Queen. We were starting to feel a little drab and chav in those wife beaters and baggy jeans!

Please don’t take this the wrong way but the band hasn’t experienced the success it so richly deserves. Why do you think this is?
No offence taken!! Because no UK radio stations will play our bloody record (and we can’t afford back handers and bribes). Luckily for us, things work differently in the States or Sirens would be R.I.P.

What keeps you going when your stunning anthems crash and burn on the charts?American success, great fans, love and appreciation for the band and espresso martinis!!

One of my songs from your back catalogue is "Love Hurts". Such an amazing tune!!Why was it never on the album?
"Love Hurts" was a limited edition track for our Japanese album. We love it too, it's dope!!

I still play "Club LA LA" all the time. Looking back, is there anything you would change about the tracklist or the way it was promoted?
Thank you!!!! We love the track and love the album, we’re very proud of it all but radio stations in the UK just didn’t get it and wouldn’t play it (apart from Radio 1’s Jo Whiley) which meant we couldn’t promote it. However, the americans loved it and "Club LA LA" was our first billboard bit! Happy Days.

Ok, time to get hard hitting. Shayne Ward ruthlessly stole your brilliant anthem "Own Thing", turning it into the horrible "Tell Him". What Happened?
He’s a twat and oh no, he’s back again!! Keep your hands off "Stilettos" Wardy!! Or else!!!

Is "Smoke My Cigar" about oral sex?
Well der!!! It’s whatever you would like it to be about my dear!


Chris said...

My favourite blog doing an interview with my favourite band - it can't get any better, love it Mike! x

Anonymous said...

Brill - any chance you could get them on Tomorrows pop panel 3?

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tommie said...

I have to admire their determination - three albums in and minimal success and they're still going at it! They must clearly enjoy doing this together - respect.

D'Luv said...

You need to update this blog BITCH!

Brian C said...

Mike, Thanks for INTRODUCING!! I'm in music heaven *sneers* Do a Nadine Insatiable album review! LOL

Mike said...

Not sure if I could stomach a whole album of Nadine. I'll try though!