Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sarah McLeod - Dancing In The Dark

Sarah McLeod's latest single is a dark and dirty cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark". It's an interesting choice after dabbling in upbeat electro ("Tell Your Story Walking") and Rihanna-esque pop ("Double R") but it works. In fact, of the three singles, I think this suits Sarah's voice the best. Her two pack a day rasp squeezes every last drop of angst from the lyrics, making this a worthy rendition of the 80s classic. My only reservation is the fact that it's a little too faithful to the original. The killer remixes - courtesy of Christian Luke and Chardy - drag the song into 2010, while the radio edit sounds like it should be on a JJJ "Like A Version" compilation. That's not a diss - those things fly off the shelves - so fingers crossed Sarah finally gets some airplay and chart action. The video (below) is a simple affair but I kind of like the grainy, fly on the wall aesthetic. I hope this means the album is almost ready because I've been waiting since 2007!


Anonymous said...

Its no Double r!

Total Drama Island said...


I can't wait for her unique interpretation of Inna's "10 Minutes". That pants-free mess is my jam! "Yuh seh meh yo, diz iz sterry-yo..."

P.S. ROFL @ "Romanian Hookers" tag