Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sarah Connor - Cold As Ice

I have a love/hate relationship with Sarah Connor. Her overwrought ballads (and entire "Soulicious" album) are considered crimes against humanity in most civilised nations but the German diva occasionally gets it very, very right - her desperate "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" rip off "From Zero To Hero" and top 20 Australian smash hit "Bounce" immediately spring to mind. Unfortunately, the past couple of years have seen a slide in Sarah's popularity at home. Her last album was considered a failure by her lofty standards and her new single recently stalled at a disappointing #16 on the German singles chart. I blame the hideous cover because the song is the best thing Sarah has released in years. Seriously, bitch - get a nose job! Produced by Kay Denar and Rob Tyger, "Cool As Ice" is a Eurovision worthy trashfest with a killer chorus and fabulous faux RedOne production. Sarah even manages to look good in the glamorous video. Sure, it's not the most original song of 2010 but formulaic dance-pop doesn't get much better. I think it's time for Ms Connor to try her luck in Australia again. The ten fans that made "He's Unbelievable" a #77 smash back in 2004 wouldd lap this fabulous shit up!


Anonymous said...

Hehehe, poor Sarah. Even "X Factor" didn't prevent her new album's chart failure. I can't believe she scored a whooping four consecutive #1 singles back in the day. (especially not after actually listening to them again today)

You gotta listen to "Real Love" the album, it's got some hideous ballads but the uptempos are fantastic. "Carry Me Home" mixes a Cascada chorus with a faux-Ke$ha verse, "Rodeo" gives Taylor Swift a RedOne makeover and "Time 2" sounds like the kind of song Rihanna was so desperate to pull of on Retarded R.

The R&B jam midtempos aren't bad either, the Christina Milian rip-off "Stand Up" and the "Irreplaceable" knock-off "Leaving with a Song" in particular. She probably stole that one from Safura.

Mike said...

It sounds amazing! I can't wait for my copy to arrive.

I think she needs to release "Let's Get Back To Bed Boy 2011" for another #1 hit!