Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peter Wilson Vs Matt Pop - Intoxicated

I'm excited. 90s Hi-NRG pop sensation Peter Wilson is back. Again! Some of you might remember Pete's 2007 comeback/long overdue debut album "Follow Me". I interviewed him for the blog a couple of times and had him on the Pop Panel. Since then Peter has focused on writing and producing for iconic divas like Amanda Lear, Samantha Fox, Sabrina and Nicki French. For a while there he threatened to retire from performing for good but I'm glad he changed his mind because "Intoxicated" is something of a belter. A collaboration with Dutch producer Matt Pop, the song is a fabulous blend of old school Italo-disco and modern electro-pop. This is essential listening for any 80s pop fan. In fact, it's almost as amazing as his seminal Australian classic "Into The Night". High praise indeed! Peter's latest single is available to download from Amazon now and even comes with a remix from PWL favourites Dave Ford and Ian Curnow. If you're still addicted to physical singles like me, you can order a copy from Energise Records online store. Mine had better get here soon - I want it autographed with lots of sweet nothings!


Anonymous said...

the song is really hot!

if you love Amanda Lear:

Mike said...

I love Amanda! Cool blog.

Anonymous said...

So pleased you like it...and there is more great music on its way on Energise in 2011...Hazell Dean, Nicki French and more Peter Wilson!

Noey Cy-Ri said...

"Fallin' over drunk on you tonight.... " Sounds like just another night at Bitch Friday's.

Cayden Smyth said...

The music production sounds good and well made. I must say honestly the vocal and lyrics could have been better. The singer sounds like he doesn't know his own voice. Way too many singing styles in there, making it all too wishy washy and slightly off putting. Good-luck to Mattpop to finding good artist to work with next time.

I see the cover and am not sure of who is who but why is one guy popping his Adidas hoodie up to his nose? It is bizarre. I hope the actual cover changes before the release.

Stevan said...

Well Cayden since you don't like the voice or lyrics, the "bizarre" cover shouldn't matter to you, since you probably shouldn't buy it. I think you probably just know the artist and are taking this opportunity to have a little dig.
I like this song personally AND Peter. At least he's actually DOING things, and even if it sells a small amount, he is working with Matt and notably P.W.L. boys, which is huge.

What the fuck have you done with your life "Cayden". Nothing I would expect. Just a load of pish you are saying.

As for the song it's different from alot of what is currently out there, at least it's not a copy cat of something else out there.

Ta loads x

Cayden said...

LOL Nice to see the one and only "Artist" Peter Wilson reads this blog and replies personally.

Intoxicated? more like deluded

Love ya work mate xo

Pete said...

Well no, actually THIS is Peter, not "Stevan" (though thanks Stevan for your comments).
In any case you are very bitter for some reason, maybe that's why you should get your facts straight. In any case you very welcome to your opinion. And like Stevan said, again, not me, don't buy it then.

Finally why don't you have the balls and identify yourself, it's very easy to hide behind a computer. Why not have the guts to stand behind your comments?


Anonymous said...

What a sad state of affiars and paranoia.... haha