Thursday, November 18, 2010

Medina's Addictive 3rd Single

When are people (outside of Denmark and Deutschland) finally going to get correct and jump on the Medina bandwagon? The Danish pop star has released two stunning singles and a brilliant English language debut album yet continues to wither in Robyn's overhyped shadow. It's so unfair because "You & I" would have been a worldwide smash for the Swedish troll but was roundly ignored outside Germany, where it became a much deserved top 10 hit. This is like Janet and La Toya all over again! Why must the pretty, talented one always come off second best? But I digress. Medina isn't going let something as insignificant as having no hits keep her down. The striking diva recently unveiled her third single and it's another throbbing electro-pop anthem with melancholy lyrics and laser sharp production. "Addiction" isn't as epic as "You & I" or quite as devastating as "Lonely" but it's a grower. I love the drugs metaphor and she works the bleak yet still catchy chorus for all it's worth. I really don't know why Medina is always so depressed but it kind of suits her. She is the Queen of pissed-off-and-over-it electro! The Danish delight also turns it out in the video. She plays a supermodel and spends most of the clip looking sad in a glamorous kind of way. "Addiction" is released physically in Germany on the 26th of November. A deluxe two disco edition of her album "Welcome To Medina" hits stores the same day. I want!

Watch "Addiction" HERE

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the writer said...

You forgot to mention that You & I was a smash radio hit in Greece and that Medina performed it in the Greek X Factor.
Medina is really fugly. OMG!

Rob Bruin said...

The new single & its vid isn't the big news for me, but OMG, that stupid cunt is gonna re-release her album!!! Just few months after I got the English and Danish version of it. :( Never mind, though, I've ordered it again via

Mike said...

Yeah I have to buy it again too. But I love re-releases!

And LOL at Medina's Greek $ucce$$. I really have to move there!