Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ke$ha Conquers Australia

Ke$ha's status as the voice of our generation was underlined yet again this morning with a triumphant appearance on Sunrise. I thought her iconic X Factor performance would go down as the defining moment of 2010 but our holy Queen upped the stakes even further by bringing her vocal genius (and crotch) to breakfast television. From the moment the new and vastly improved Madonna appeared on stage in her sequined hot pants and ripped stockings looking like she'd just crawled out of a Kings Cross gutter after a hard night of stripping, I knew we were in for something special. Ke$ha's angelic voice is always a thing of beauty but this was her best live performance of "We R Who We R" yet. Not only did she sing the fuck out of her uplifting response to gay teen suicide, she also managed to bring lesbian dancers and drag queens to morning TV. However, the defining moment occurs at the 1:20 minute mark when the already legendary diva climbs on to the sofa next to Kochie, flashes her crotch and throws a wine glass full of glitter over him while singing about "hitting on dudes. Hard!" Gold! Tickets for Ke$ha's Sydney tour are on sale NOW through Ticketek. I'm crying and shaking with anticipation!


The Prophet said...


GET SLEAZY 2011!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol u need a life!

but ur funny

Anonymous said...

wow thats the cleanest looking I've ever seen her

Cayden Smyth said...

That glass of champagne on kochie was so good. Loved this lesbionic dance fest. Only wishes she accidentally got a heel into kochies eye.