Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fabulous Fawni

Austria isn't exactly a hotbed for international pop divas but that could all change thanks to fabulous Fawni. The Viennese bombshell moved to America a couple of years ago and was rewarded with a major label deal with EMI. Since then she's been chugging along, posing for saucy Russian magazines and perfecting her sound with a little help from Max Martin's team in Stockholm. It's been worth the wait. The glamorous diva's first single was a dance hit - in a handful of former Soviet states - but Fawni is now ready to conquer the world with her amazing anthem "Ready When You Are". I love that American labels are starting to invest in this kind of music again. In the past the track would have been dismissed as Eurotrash. However, in the wake of cutting edge innovators like Ke$ha and Kaci, pure pop is a hot commodity again. And we're reaping the rewards. "Ready When You Are" could have been released in any year from 1993 to 2001 - and I mean that as a compliment. It's a burst of bright, shiny pop music with a killer chorus and a multitude of sneaky hooks. I love it and I love Fawni. My new homegirl had better film a worthy video clip. I'm picturing a trash epic with lots of glitter, nudity and disco balls. Bring it on!

EDIT: "Ready When You Are" has been removed from YouTube. However, Fawni's future smash is streaming on Myspace.


Pepper said...

lol this is awesome!

pdb73 said...

Pop shall never die....not whilst we have a little wiggle left in our hips : ) Mike, where do you find these gems of artists!?

Mike said...

Fawni's PR people contacted me but usually just from spending too much time on the internet looking at YouTube and random blogs!