Thursday, October 07, 2010

Triple Platinum Beyoncé

Further proof that Beyoncé is the reigning Queen of pop. Her multiple Grammy Award winning, genre defining masterpiece "I Am... Sasha Fierce" has been certified triple platinum in the US. I know those numbers are a far cry from the 90s when Mariah and Shania would regularly sell 10 million but in today's market it's a remarkable achievement. The only pop albums to do better are "The Fame" (although sales include the deluxe version with "The Fame Monster") and "Fearless" (let's face it, rat face doesn't really count anyway). To put it into perspective here are the US sales of "Sasha Fierce" compared to the latest offerings from other so called superstars. Queen B just bitch slapped ya faves!

Beyoncé (Sasha Fierce) = 3,000,000 copies
P!nk (Funhouse) = 1,789,568 copies
Britney (Circus) = 1,662,000 copies
Lady Gaga (The Fame Monster) = 1,241,000 copies
Alicia Keys (The Element Of Freedom) = 1,015,000 copies
Rihanna (Rated R) = 988,000 copies
Ke$ha (Animal) = 914,500 copies
Bionic (Christina Aguilera) = 237,000 copies
Heidi Montag (Superficial) = 658 Copies

Please note: these are rough sales estimates from Soundscan. They may not be current as some of the totals are from August and September.


Mariah said...

In a perfect world... Heidi would be number 1. :( So sad to see all that talent go to waste.

The Prophet said...

First keep in mind that Beyonce's album came out in 2008, had nine singles released off it and several hundred re-releases.

You're also comparing her to artists who had their albums come out more than a year after hers.

Lady GaGa - The Fame. (3x Platinum)3.8 million in total and counting.

Taylor Swift - Fearless. SIX times Platinum

Alicia Keys - As I Am (2007) - 3x Platinum with 3.7 million sold (four singles released).

The Prophet said...

You tried to spin this like she's sold more than GaGa by just using the Fame Monster, but The original Fame sales are almost 4 million by itself.

Plus, Britney and Pink are international sellers. Pink's "Funhouse" sold just as many copies in total as Beyonce's did, and Britney's Circus did 4 million in total off the back of three singles and NO re-releases.

Plus, both Britney AND Pink's tours completely blew Beyonce's tour gross out of the water. Bey even had to discount her tickets in the States to $20 because she wasn't selling out venues, and in Trinidad the tickets had to be given away for free because they booked Bey's show during one of the country's popular festivals, so everybody just went there instead of her to her concert.

Mike said...

Jacques your vendetta against the real queen of pop is becoming pathetic. I know rant about Bey on your blog to increase traffic but please leave your sad campaign of hate and misinformation at the door! I mentioned Gaga and Taylor as selling more and was referring to all of the diva's most recent albums - hence Fame Monster instead of The Fame.

As for international sales, who cares? This post is about American sales. Otherwise I would mention Utada's sales in Japan or Pink in Australia. Get a grip and stop being bitter that Britney's popularity is rapidly declining despite her big comeback. It's not my fault she only sells albums on Hong Kong and Romania. Move on!

Mike said...

And Mariah, I agree Heidi should have sold millions and Queen Ke$ha better go double platinum after the re-release!

The Prophet said...

Well it's a little unfair to compare album sales from 2008 to albums that came out in 2010!

And I don't need Beyonce to get hits on my site.

tommie said...

Solo-Angel's untalented older sister re-released her album about a trillion times though and had about 5 billion singles lifted off it - I'd like to see how much she would've sold if she had done three singles boo!

Anonymous said...

Beyonce's sales are bloated, since it's a double album...
actually she has sold 1.5 million albums , since Soundscan considered each Beyonce album sold as 2....

Anonymous said...

WRONG...even though IASF consists of 2 CD's it's not counted as a double album by the RIAA because it doesn't meet the minimum length requirements. Just because you put out an album on 2 separate disc doesn't automatically mean it's a double album. The album sold 1,459,000 copies in 6 weeks of release in 2008 alone and was the tenth best selling album of 2008 according to Billboard, so I'm sure that by now those sales figure of 3 million are pretty accurate.