Friday, October 08, 2010

Mimi Does It Again!

I knew I was going to love Mariah's new Christmas album from the moment I saw the master class in Photoshop doubling as the cover. Mimi is so fucking shameless. I swear she's just recycled a picture from 1994 and thrown in a plastic snowman from Kmart for added effect! You'll be happy to know that the lead single is just as fabulous as the artwork. "Oh Santa" hit the net last week and I can't turn the damn thing off. Seriously, this is the legendary diva's best single since a generation of gays cried themselves to sleep listening to "Mariah's Theme" a decade ago. As far as I'm concerned, "Oh Santa" is the perfect Christmas anthem. It's cute, catchy and easy to sing along to when you're drunk! I particularly love the "ho ho hos" and jingle bells. Hell, Mimi even brings back her trademark dog whistle at the two and a half minute mark. Yes! I never thought I'd say it but I think Mariah has at least equalled the magic of "All I Want For Christmas Is You". Time will tell if it's as big as that yuletide classic but I know what song I'll be annoying my family with on Christmas morning.


John said...

I have no clue where the adoration for this crap came from, but I may have to spend the month of December blasting the Indigo Girls xmas CD to ward off the demons this monstrosity is about to unleash upon the Earth.

tommie said...

It's amazing as is Mimi.

Fuck off and die haters!

Mike said...

Don't be a hater, John.

Mimi will let you rub her glorious snow globes and all will be right in the world again!

Me said...

Merry Christmas is her best ever album so I have high hopes for this!

Big D said...

I know - this is amazing to listen to drunk or sober.

Can't wait for the album - and you've got to hand it to her, there are three versions you can buy - Walmart is carrying a "deluxe" version that comes in a box with a plastic butterfly ornament, while the HSN has a DVD.

MCC = Mariah Cashin Carey!

Mike said...

Omg! Can u order the Walmart version online? It must be mine!