Monday, October 25, 2010

Kylie & Taio Cruz - Higher

I have a sickness for Taio Cruz. His songs all sound the same and he's only slightly less derivative than Jason Derulo (another favourite of mine) but I haven't stopped playing his album all year. Speaking of "Rokstarr", one of the highlights of that stunning opus has just been recycled into a duet with Kylie. The new and improved version of "Higher" leaked late last week and any hesitations I had about this most unlikely of collaborations disappeared instantly. Unlike the vast majority of "Aphrodite", I can actually imagine this on Australian radio. Taio is so hot right now and hopefully some of that popularity will rub off on Kylie. Don't worry - this isn't a re-repeat of the Ludacris version of "Chocolate" (even though I secretly love that hot mess!) - "Higher" is a dance track and is a surprisingly good fit for the elderly Minogue's voice. I'm particularly glad she gets the best line in the song: "I got this high without taking a pill". Scandal! Only one question remains. What is this actually for? The latest re-release of "Rokstarr" or the planned re-release of "Aphrodite"? I just hope Parlo and/or Warner have to sense to release "Higher" as a single over the three and a half minute cure for insomnia otherwise known as "Better Than Today". On past performance, I won't be holding my breath.

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Matt said...

i luv this! <3