Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kylie, Nelly & Shakira In A Car Park

Seriously, I'm away from the computer for 24 hours and all my faves decide to get busy. I don't know how the professional bloggers keep up! First diva off the rank is Kylie. Just when I was starting to feel hopeful for her chart prospects again after hearing "Higher", the cover for the third single from "Aphrodite" appears online (above). It looks like we're stuck with "Better Than Today". Why are they even bothering with this boring flop? I hate the cover. Kylie's face looks so severe and it sounds like a Scissor Sisters B-side from 2003. Jake & Co can't even give their music away these days - I doubt Kylie's going to do much better. The frustrating thing is that she's sitting on two or three big hits. Remix "Put Your Hands Up" to sound a little less cute and you've got a top 10 hit or unleash "Cupid Boy" and reclaim the clubs. Whatever. I'm over it. Someone wake me when the re-release is ready! In the meantime I'm going to watch this glamorous Dancing With The Stars performance on repeat. Kylie's body is rocking and I love that horse hair wig. Dannii must be so jealous that Kylie is now the pretty Minogue!

I posted Nelly Furtado's new single a couple of days ago and no one seemed to care. Which is pretty reflective of its (non-existent) chart position! Oh well, fuck you all. I still love her! Anyway, the Canadian pop diva's Spanish remix album has just been released - in Europe - and I'm counting down the days until my incredibly overpriced copy arrives in the post. Admittedly, I have most of the remixes already but the cover is pretty (below) and I'd pay 16 Euros for the Robbie Rivera mix of "Maons Al Aire" alone. Here's the tracklist:

1. Fuerte (Original English Version)
2. Manos Al Aire (Robbie Rivera Radio Mix)
3. Mas (Feat. Tony Dize) (Urban Remix)
4. Bajo Otra Luz (Humby Remix)
5. Fuerte (Twisted Dee Club Remix)
6. Manos Al Aire (Juan Magan Remix)
7. Mas (Rebirth Demolition Crew Mix)
8. Bajo Otra Luz (Dancehall Yogi Remix)
9. Fuerte (Humby Urban Club Mix)
10. Manos Al Aire (Tiesto Remix)
11. Bajo Otra Luz (Rebirth Demolition Mix)
12. Fuerte (Cajjmere Wray Hot Sweat Mix)

Last but most definitely not least is Shakira. I'm seriously obsessed with this woman. "Sale El Sol" is already one of my favourite albums of 2010 and I'm contemplating flying to the other side of the world to catch her in concert. If I totally lose my mind and decide to go, the bitch had better pull this stunt again. After a concert in America, she decided to take the party to the carpark and sing "Loca" on top of a car - Avril Lavigne "Sk8r Boi" style. I'm sure it was a well rehearsed grab for publicity but I couldn't give a shit. This performance (below) basically sums up everything I love about Shakira. She's wild, raw and more than a little bit nuts. Stay tuned for my "Sale El Sol" review in the near future. It really is well worth hunting down. Just don't hold your breath waiting for Sony Australia to release it.


The Prophet said...

I love Better Than Today and the cover is stunning.

Love Nelly and Shaki too.

Anonymous said...

what a boring trio of has beens!

Mike said...


Brewster said...

Kylie on American TV much less the #1 is fantastic to see! I'll skip over Nelly with my apologies, but Shaki in a parking lot!?!!!?! She's crazy but I'm starting to like it...

I once saw Sheila E. performing in the parking lot of a horsetrack, but it wasn't right after her sold out stadium gig! It was during the race!

Brewster said...

#1 show that is...

Me said...

BTT is the only hope for the DIRE AphroSHITEe and should have been single #2 as it is now destined to FLOP after FOTC showcased ZOMBIEKylie that noone apart froma few alKyleida fuckwits wants to hear - PYHU as a single would an even bigger disaster and would be the final nail in the coffin of Kylie's career.

DIRE AphroSHITEe should be returned to the grave and album 12 rush released so the public can forget such an abomination was ever spawned.

Mike said...

LOL - I would die to see Sheila E perform in a car park!