Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ke$ha Vs P!nk

The world changed forever on Friday when the lead single from Ke$ha's "Animal" re-release was unveiled. I fully expected the voice of our generation to deliver the goods but "We R Who We R" raises the bar of musical perfection even higher than I thought possible. Ke$ha's new anthem offers a riveting insight into the human condition with its touching message of acceptance and revelatory lyrics about social mores. But it's not all deep and meaningful. The diva's angelic vocals and Max Martin or Dr Luke's (it's still unclear who oversaw this masterpiece) crisp production make "We R Who We R" more infectious than herpes and a late contender for single of the year. It's official. Ke$ha is the new Queen of electro-pop! I was originally going to write about the fact that Gaga and Robyn have both been made redundant in one fell swoop but I thought I'd compare "We R Who We R" with P!nk's latest single "Raise Your Glass". Both tracks were apparently conceived by the same producers and examine similar themes - yet Ke$ha takes pop music to exhilarating new highs on her sure to be #1 smash hit, while P!nk's stillborn party anthem covers the same ground as her last ten singles. It was always going to be hard for P!nk to compete with a living legend but I honestly didn't think the outcome would be this one sided.

In the name of scientific research I've decided to break this down into categories. Starting with:

1. The Cover Art

The "We R Who We R" cover is truly iconic. It vividly captures Ke$ha's raw beauty and brooding sex appeal, while P!nk looks like a slightly more masculine version of Adam Lambert on hers. I note she's also hired Mariah's army of photoshop experts, while the realest girl in pop since Mutya wears her freckles and glorious rat's nest as a badge of pride. Ke$ha is such an inspiration!

2. Lyrics

As I mentioned earlier both songs cover similar territory. For want of a better description, they are both party anthems that urge the listener to embrace who they are and just have fun. However, the execution is quite different. P!nk promotes the irresponsible consumption of alcohol to convey her message on "Raise Your Glass", while Ke$ha not only finds religion ("Got Jesus on my necklace") - she also gives her fans a step by step guide to having a good night out. Take her stunning fashion advice:

I’ve got that glitter on my eyes
Stockings ripped all up the side
Looking sick and sexy-fied

She then outlines the perfect night out:

We’re sellin’ our clothes, sleepin’ in cars
Dressin’ it down, hittin’ on dudes (HARD!)

Amazing! On the other hand all P!nk can offer is this:

Don’t be fancy, just get dancey

EPIC FAIL. I think "Raise Your Glass" is the party anthem for nanas who want to sit at home and swig Sherry. Ke$ha is so down with the youth of today!

3. Production

"We R Who We R" is a different sound for Ke$ha. It's more dance than the heavy electro of her previous singles. Some deluded H8TRZ have compared the song to Usher's "DJs Got Us Falling In Love" but Queen Ke$ha would never lower herself to jumping on someone else's bandwagon. She is the last great innovator in pop! I partiuclarly love the ingenious use of autotune and subtle splashes of rave and techno. Unfortunately, "Raise Your Glass" sounds like every other song Max Martin and Dr Luke have written for Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson. That's not necessarily a bad thing but P!nk has been recycling this sound since "I'm Not Dead". I miss the "Try This" days when she was still creative and real. As a result....

Ke$ha Wins!


The Prophet said...

Even though anybody with ears knows that We R Who We R is the most blatant rip off of another song (Usher's "DJ...") since Katy Floppy turned "TiK ToK" into a "California Flops", "We R Who We R" is still the defining anthem of the past twenty years and deserves to hit No. 1 and stay there forever!

When Ke$ha releases her second Cannibal single, I plan on saying the exact same thing and naming it the new anthem of the decade. Everything this girl does is PERFECTION and she may be the most defining artist of all time!

Btw, I gave Pink's Raise Your Glass a glowing review when it leaked, but since I listened to it in order to do my post, I haven't played it since or downloaded it lol. Meanwhile We R Who We R has been on constant repeat. I had to run to the real estate like 5 mins after it leaked,so I ripped it from youtube and stuck it on my ipod, and was then pumping it in the taxi on the way to the real estate.

Mariah said...

I love "We R Who We R"! I listen to it all the time.

That being said, if I weren't such a big fan of Kesha, I would say it sucks. And it really does.

The lyrics are AWFUL, and the production is dated. "We're dancing like we're dumb". Really?

*starts listening to "We R Who We R*

I'm actually over it already. The song is just horrible. Sounds like everything else out there. Kesha really disappointed.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! definitely SONG OF THE DECADE!!!! Ke$ha rules and this will be a number 1 hit for sure!!! Go KE$HA!

John said...

It's as if you see what's in my head, and then post the exact opposite. I'm speechless.

Me said...

The Queen Of Skanks may have the better track, but WRWWR has got nothing on the epic Take It Off...

Dwayne said...

Oh Please say all this Kesha love is really just clever sarcasm. Please. No really. Say it!

Anonymous said...

Ur so deluded but LOL!

Mike said...

I actually agree that Take It Off is better than We R Who We R but they are both high points in popular culture!

And I would never joke about Ke$ha. Since touching a strand of her holy rat's nest at Fox Studios I've been completely obsessed.

I hope the video is worthy of her genius!

The Prophet said...

Just for the record I was the one who touched her hair, not Mike!

And her best song is TiK ToK and Blah Blah Blah... And Your Love Is My Drug. God, they are all amazing, she is the fucking NEW QUEEN OF POP!

Ke$ha's got the haters forever mad pressed and obsessed

Mike said...

Bitch, please! You grabbed her head like a crazed stalker. I just let a strand of her golden mane waft over my hand like a true gentleman. It was electric!

And Blah Blah Blah isn't her best song! Everyone knows that's either "Stephen" or "C.U.N.T."!

tommie said...

Ke$ha is amazing and is killing all your faves. Stay mad hatters!

sm3ltz said...

Whoever wrote this article seriously has issues? Ke$ha using religion? Really? That line is NOT about finding religion in being yourself. I have yet to find a religion with Jesus necklaces and hot pants... The author has not credibility and is totally biased!

They said Pink promotes massive consumption of alcohol to "be yourself?" Can we PLEASE talk about Ke$ha's album Animal. There's your alcohol promotion. Pink is simply toasting those with the courage to be themselves. Think before you speak.

While neither song is really that great, Pink is taking her stance on gay marriage with her song and the video for it. We R Who We R is just full of stuttering and crappy worn out Ke$ha lyrics.

This author is clueless.

Jussa said...

Oh joy. Ke$ha's newest musical excretion is here.
And this time it's hiding behind the guise of a "deep" meaning.

I once heard Ke$ha described as the "sticky-sweet, empty calorie flavor of the week", and I honestly see no change here.

Her voice on its own is horrid, and as far as being the queen of electro-pop, the author of this post is either incredibly deluded or deaf entirely. Ke$ha will never come close to producing anything remotely close to the quality of Gaga (or even the true queen of pop, Madonna).

Ke$ha's new "work" is still the same old trash, just a different album cover.

ina said...

omg. no way. instead of talking about make-up and outfits p!nk is sending messages. just saying.

Jul!ana said...

i'm sorry but p!nk is NOT promoting alcohol, she is JUST promoting the UNDERDOGS ok an what about the tick tock lyrics? yah probably don't have any thing wrong in that...
you are just a kesha fun that doesn't know that p!nk's rase your glass arrive in billboard hot 100 and Raise Your Glass still at #5 on Billboard Hot 100 after 12weeks and 'Raise Your Glass' is the most streamed song on AOL radio. well I have other things to say like: accordantly to billboard again P!nk was the best female singer of the world on the past decade but accordantly to my space she is the best singer of the world of all time, I don't know anything about kesha but yes I have her two cds and I like a lot the song we r who we r but we can't compare OK

Anonymous said...

Dang, looks like I'm a nana who's gonna be sitting at home swigging Sherry for the rest of my life.

I believe that this article is too biased. Just saying. Although I personally can't stand Ke$ha and am a die-hard fan of P!nk, I still wouldn't write something like this. And P!nk's song isn't primarily about alcohol, it's about all the people in life who feel as if though they are underdogs.

Do some background reading first. :)

Anonymous said...

This article has got to be a joke, right? Now I love both P!nk and Ke$ha, but there is no way someone who listened to both songs open mindedly would come to this same conclusion.

If you seriously wanted to compare the songs, you wouldn't pick various lyrics from one song and a single line from the other. If "Don't be fancy, just get dancey" is an "Epic fail" then what would you call "We're dancing like we're dumb"? Because that sounds like a far more stupid line to me.

Kesha is NOT "finding religion" in her song, that comment was just plain ignorant. Just about as ignorant as saying Pink "promotes irresponsible consumption of alcohol to convey her message". Because toasting to your differences is very irresponsible and urging everyone to consume as much alcohol as possible, while "Brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack" in Tik Tok is in no way shape or form a bad message.

This post is nothing more then bullshit. The songs are both good in their own ways, and personally I don't believe We R Who We R is the better song. Next time you're going to compare things, don't be so bias and maybe do some research on things. Then maybe you won't look like such an idiot (:

Leo Leahy said...

This review is laughable. I would be so embarassed to have posted this.


Wrong in all the wrong ways.

Leo Leahy said...

one more thing: Kesha is a complete rip-off of Pink.

Pink's music has meaning and depth. Her musical genre varies and has something to please all audiences. Her vocal range is the most amazing I ever did hear. In my eyes, she is the most talented singer and musician. Ever. She comes a close second to Janis Joplin. (Although, I do prefer Pink).

Pink sends out good messages. Check out songs, 'Dear Mr. President', 'Save My Life', 'Conversation With My 13 Year Old Self', the obvious 'Don't Let Me Get Me'... The list is endless. And it's not just about sending messages in music. It's about having a good time and choosing to just laugh at the world we live in. Also, about past experiences or issues close to your heart. Pink is queen in all areas of music. The reason why she is so underrated is because the majority of people in this world are scared to go against its stupid robot ways.

'Raise Your Glass' was a song made, initially with gay marriage in mind, but then cleverly was given other meanings too, for people in this world that aren't just sheep following the crowd and listening to Rihanna.

I can't even believe I am writing this comment as Ke$ha (who?) absolutely comes nowhere near. I'm embarassed for you that you feel she does. You either have not done your research at all, or you have a really bad taste in music.

CRINGE at this review! Ew.

Leo Leahy said...

"Ke$ha" should get that dollar sign out of her stupid name and go away quietly. P!nk got and still gets the party started.