Friday, October 29, 2010

Eva - Ke$ha Approved Newcomer

So Eva is a new American pop diva with really bad taste in heels if the cover of "Not My Daddy" is any indication (above). Usually that alone would be enough for me to feature her on the blog but what makes her even more amazing is the co-writer of her official debut single. I know it's hard to believe but Queen Ke$ha took time away from revolutionising pop music as we know it to pen this stunning anthem. Either that or Eva found it rotting in a bin outside Ke$ha's mansion but I digress. "Not My Daddy" is big, dumb fun. The song sounds like a B-side from "Animal" - yes, it's that good! - only slightly more bubblegum and considerably less in your face. Which isn't surprising given that Eva cites Britney Spears at her "Oops!...I Did It Again" peak (LOL) as her inspiration. But I won't hold that sad fact against her. Give the track a listen and check out this brief behind the scenes clip from her soon to be released video. I love her already!


Mariah said...


Post new Slea$ha!

Anonymous said...



Mariah said...

lol her new single, "Sleazy"!

I guess you're just used to tra$ha and slut$sha?

Andrew said...

This bitch only wishes she had the talent and production of Ke$ha, hell, even KYRAH!

Anonymous said...

this chick is a ke$ha wannabee, the bitch is singing a leftover song that was sung by kesha, she needs her own style and sound. i doubt she will have success, i like kesha's original version better. her version is hotter. this ho is trying to sound like her and try to have her attitude: future flop alert!