Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dave Audé Interview

Dave Audé is a dance music legend. If you've ever set foot in a nightclub, chances are you've heard one of his original tunes or killer remixes. Since his arrival on the dance scene in the early 90s, Dave has developed a reputation as the go to guy for all the big names - having remixed massive club hits for Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney, Ke$ha and even my homegirl Deni Hines! America's hottest DJ is also an extremely successful artist in his own right. His recent collaboration with Luciana ("Figure It Out") was a #1 club smash and I'm told there could be a follow up on the way. Dave was kind enough to talk to me about all of these accomplishments in a recent interview. He also fill me in on his future plans and gave some interesting insights into his work. Here's what Mr Audé had to say:

Dave, most pop fans probably know you from your remixes. How did you get involved in that side of production?
Fell into it really. Remixing is really producing, isn't it? In 1995 I was making a lot of records for electronic artists/djs and Reprise Records called me to remix Bare Naked Ladies "One Week". I loved remixing and taking the song in a new direction and my love of remixing was born.

How do you explain your unprecedented success on the US dance chart? I heard that you’ve remixed over 40 chart toppers!
65 as of last week! lol. I work very hard, I deliver solid mixes consistently and I'm able to make mixes that appeal to different types of listeners - pop, dance, straight, gay, radio, underground, etc etc. I've done so many remixes at this point that people hire me because they know they are gonna get something that the artist will like as well.

You must get asked this all the time but do you have a favourite mix or one that’s special for a certain reason. I’ll never get tired of your “Halo” remix. It’s so beautiful.
That's like asking a parent who their favorite child is. Every song is different. Some projects are special because of the artist (Beyoncé, Gaga, Britney, U2, Madonna). Some projects are special because of the song (Plumb "Hang On", Alexis Jordan "Happiness", La Roux "Bulletproof") but really when I'm working, every song is special at least for the moment, it's only later when I go back and listen do I know if the song has any lasting effects.....

All the big names have you on speed dial. Does it ever sink in that you’re helping to create the sound of superstars like Beyoncé, Madonna and Kaci Battaglia?
It does and I'm very, very lucky. I'm not sure if the artists appreciate me as much as the labels or listeners but I'd like to think so.

In addition to the A Listers, you also remix a lot of smaller acts. How does someone like Carmen Reece hook up with you? Your mix of “Raindrop” is one of my favourite songs of the year!
I treat every project the same whether it's Gaga or Carmen Reece and I try and leave opportunities open to work on independent artist mixes because you never know who the next A Listers are gonna be....

Do you ever hear a song and think - damn, that’s complete shit? If so, do you turn the mix down or try to do the best with what you’ve got?
If the vocal is complete shit, I won't do it. Most of the time I'm working on a song where I think the original track is complete shit so it's fun and compelling for me to turn it into something better.

You’re also an extremely accomplished artist in your own right. Will you be concentrating on your own music more in the future?
I would like to say that's my goal, but it's hard balancing my stuff and the wave of work I have to sort through. I've never really been keen on promoting "Dave Audé", I'd rather promote another artist and be the guy behind the scenes.

Well, that might change with the success of your recent #1 club smash “Figure It Out”. It’s such a hot track - are you going to film a video and push it to radio? I think it’s a hit.
Thinking about that right now. Sometimes you just gotta let song do what they do on their own.

Isha Coco is actually UK dance legend Luciana. How did the collaboration come about and was it your idea for her to try such a different vocal style?
She is a HUGE talent as you know and I think that the Isha Coco sound is actually Luciana, it's just not what she's famous for. She has so much talent and has written so many great pop songs. I'm excited for the world to hear some different sides to her!!!

I hear you guys are working on another track together. Is it for her EP with Interscope or a track for Audacious records? Can you tell us a bit about it.
She is signed to Interscope so we are concentrating on making some huge records for Luci to go out and tour the world with! But Isha Coco might have another one coming at some point!!!

Who else are you producing at the moment?
Nicole (Scherzinger). Remixing Ke$ha, Natasha Bedingfield, and Nadine Coyle.

Why do you think the US dance music scene is so different to Europe and Australia?
US Radio is lame. But they are slowly but surely catching up. Urban (Hip-Hop/Rap) has been so huge in America so it's been a struggle to get radio to take chances with dance/electronic. They still dont really get the "dj is an artist" thing, but that's changing.

Tell me about Girlicious. I love that band. Are you still in touch with them?
I speak to the girls now and then. I'm happy for their success. They are massive in Canada, I'm waiting for them to have a hit in the US, any day now.....

What are your 5 favourite dance tracks at the moment?
Tiesto/Diplo "C'Mon" - finally Tiesto, jesus!
Yenson "My Feeling" (Deniz Koyu Remix) - puts a smile on your face!!
Tim Berg (Avicii) "Seek Bromance" - new vocal is HUUUUGE!!
Erika Jayne "One Hot Pleasure" (yet to be released) - produced this and wrote with Luciana!!
Erick Morillo/Eddie Thoneick "Live Your Life" (Chuckie Remix) - older track that I refuse to forget!

I'd love to see you behind the decks again in Sydney. When are you coming back?
I was just in Sydney in August but I'd love to come back, let's do it!!!

My favourite Dave Audé remix


RV said...

great interview !
I would have liked to see him talk about his remix for french diva Ysa Ferrer too...

D'luv said...

Not into remixes much myself, but this had me laughing:

"Most of the time I'm working on a song where I think the original track is complete shit so it's fun and compelling for me to turn it into something better."

Take that, Ryan Tedder!

The Prophet said...

How many times did Beyonce have to come up in this Dave Aude interview? You're a Bey zombie, 100% Mike.

I feel like myself and the rest of the Pop Trash Addicts readers need to stage an intervention to get you some help! You post every time she so much as farts then bring her up in interviews she barely has nothing to do with!

Beyonce's on the brain!

Moogaboo said...

What did he remix for Madonna? I searched Discogs to no avail...

Mike said...

RV - I love Ysa. I'll have to find out what Dave remixed.

Robbie - that was my favourite quote too. LOL!

Jacques - Beyonce is the truth. Deal!

John - Dave remixed "Music" and "Don't Tell Me".

Jordan said...

"Most of the time I'm working on a song where I think the original track is complete shit so it's fun and compelling for me to turn it into something better."

Girlicious - Baby Doll (Dave Aude Remix)
New Boyz - You're A Jerk (Dave Aude Remix)
Paradiso Girls - Patron Tequila (Dave Aude Remix)
Ashlee Simpson - Outta My Head (Dave Aude Remix)
Paris Hilton - Nothing In This World (Dave Aude Remix)

Anonymous said...

I LOL'd when you mentioned Kaci Batagilla as ne of the stars with Beyoncé and Madonna :D

daniel said...

I LOL'd at what anonymous said too.
Mike you have to review cheryl's new album!! :)

Mike said...

Jordan - They are like 5 of my favourite songs! LOL

And Kaci is a superstar! At least in my own private universe...

Brett said...

Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

His remixes are usually quite shit and he hasn't done anything worth listening to in about five years. Dated, generic, dull and cheesy. For lame gay clubs only.