Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Christine Anu Comes Home

Why didn't someone tell me about this? I was messing around on YouTube, watching "Party" for like the 287th time this year, when I noticed that Christine Anu has a new single out. This glorious event should be front page news! Apart from a delicious charity single with Deni Hines in 2008, Chrissy has been MIA since 2003's #85 smash "Talk About Love". Since then she's worked steadily in theatre and been a regular on Sydney's live scene but I've missed her amazing pop anthems like "Sunshine On A Rainy Day" and "Jump To Love". Happily, "Come Home" was worth the wait. Penned by Matthew Gerrard (probably best known for writing Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway") and produced by DNA (the Sydney based mavericks behind Chris Sorbello's "So Lonely" and "Dangerzone"), Christine's new jam sounds like the best song Jordin Sparks never recorded. Think a perkier version of "Battlefield" - only with some personality. Ryan Tedder must be spitting chips! Give it a listen (below) and be sure to check out the trashtastic dance remix. Both versions are now available to download from iTunes. Welcome back.


Martin said...

I'm loving this... Christine has done it again!! (the other time being Sunshine on a Rainy Day of course).

The Prophet said...

I hate that I like this.

Mike said...

Finally getting some taste, Jacques!

This is such a grower. And that remix is too funny.