Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beyoncé & The CD/DVD of 2010

Beyoncé's "I Am" tour was literally a life changing experience for me. I can still remember every second of it including the dodgy hot dog I ate before the show and the land speed record I set running to the bathroom between "Me, Myself & I" and "Ego". Beyoncé had always been a favourite of mine but I walked out of Acer Arena a total convert to the Dereon dressed deity. Her voice, talent and incomparable beauty took my breath away. You can read my review here. Well, after Sony vehemently denying the concert would ever be released, "I Am... World Tour" will finally hit shelves on the 30th of November - just in time for Christmas. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving! If that's not exciting enough, the tour is also being released as a live CD (above) and the DVD is rumoured to include a compilation of performances from around the world, allowing fans to see footage of the show they attended. Amazing. Here is the set list. I can not wait to re-live the glory of the best concert I have ever seen!

1. I Am… (Instrumental introduction)
2. Déjà Vu (Tour Skit)
3. Crazy In Love (Special appearance Jay- Z)
4. Naughty Girl
5. Freakum Dress
6. Get Me Bodied
7. Get Me Bodied Extended Mix (Dance Interlude)
8. Smash Into You
9. Ave Maria
10. Broken-Hearted Girl
11. If I Were a Boy Outtakes (Video Interlude)
12. If I Were a Boy/You Oughta Know
13. Fierce Cheetah Diva (Video Interlude)
14. Diva
15. Beyoncé’s Radio
16. Radio
17. Me, Myself and I
18. Ego (featuring Kanye West)
19. Hello
20. Divinty Roxx Bass Jam/The Mama’s Medley

21. Heads or Tails (Video Interlude)
22. Sasha Prevails (Instrumental Interlude)
23. Baby Boy
24. Irreplaceable
25. Sweet Dreams
26. Check on It
27. Bootylicious
28. Bug A Boo
29. Jumpin’ Jumpin’
30. Upgrade U
31. Video Phone
32. Say My Name
33. The History of Destiny’s Child
34. Survivor (Video Interlude)
35. At Last
36. Listen
37. Scared Of Lonely
38. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (Video Interlude)
39. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
40. Halo
41. Outro


Anonymous said...

UNREAL! And guess what? I'm gonna buy an extra copy and send it to Britney Spears with a note saying 'Guuuurrrrrl, this is how a LIVE show is done...huh...yeah'

tommie said...

Life at Balley's is better facty xoxo

The Prophet said...

Pop Trash Addicts = The New Beyonce fansite.


LMAO! Britney's tour outgrossed Beyonce's a million times over! In the states Bey had to slash prices to $20 to fill some of the shows, and in Trinidad it sold so badly that they had to give the tickets away for FREE! Meanwhile, Britney broke attendance records in Australia and played arena's and stadiums around the world to gross over $130 million!

Plus, Beyonce even lied and said that they weren't releasing a tour DVD, so all her fans would go pay to see the show, and then she did a Vegas concert TV Special, released an accompanying DVD and CD album, and is now releasing ANOTHER DVD and CD. She'll do anything to make a buck. Plus, she's as deceptive as ever, making it a "world" DVD so she can pick and choose only the best performances to make herself look better than she is. A Beyonce tour is nothing more than pussy popping and over-singing, in between fake banter about how she wrote all the songs she's performing.

Beyonce's sets are always so cheap too because she refuses to spend any money on anything, from her videos to her weave to her concert.

Anonymous said...

It's quite simple...a live concert means live vocals, Britney only wishes to get to the credibility that Beyonce brings every time she tours...I keep forgeting that Britney's studio albums also double up as 'live' albums...but I must salute the world's greatest mime artist - Britney. They also gave away hundreds of Britney tickets when she toured Melbourne because it didn't sell out. Plus, throwing money stats around does not mean it's quality or good, people pay for anything these days

Abuga said...

I cAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Mike said...

As usual, Jacques is being completely ridiculous. You can't compare someone who belts out song after song with all their heart and soul to someone who mimes along to a backing tape - badly - and hides her shortcomings behind an army of dancers and pyrotechnics. Sad and lame.

Your information is also wrong. Bey never said anything about the concert not being on DVD. That was Sony. They said the same thing about Britney's Circus tour and I have a feeling that will end up on DVD too. Only nobody is interested because they can just play her albums instead.

As for it being a 'montage' it's not. It's the one show. The footage from different countries is rumoured to be a bonus feature.

Stop being a hater or at least check your facts. This is the DVD of the year!

Mike said...

And LOL at Tommie. Live at Balley's is a close second!

Anonymous said...

MIKE, repeat after me: I AM NOT BLACK!!!

Me said...

How tedious... I don't think I coudl sit through ONE track with that thunder thighed screeching banshee throwing herself around in her own tacky clothes like she's having an epileptic fit let alone 41 of her shitefests. And you'd think that after three solo albums, she'd drop the DC stuff, especially when she is criminally omitting Ring The Alarm...

Still, one day she will run out of ways to milk Slappa FLOP and fall flat on her implanted arse.

The Prophet said...


You speak the truth! Minus Ring the Alarm, which has to be the worst song out of her horrid catalog!