Thursday, October 07, 2010

Beyoncé, Britney & P!nk - Pepsi Promo

2004 was a good year. Ashlee Simpson unveiled her seminal classic "Autobiography", Gwen Stefani went solo and there was still some hope that La Toya would actually start over. It also delivered one of my favourite promotional campaigns of all time. Pepsi had been pouring millions of dollars into advertising to bridge the gap with Coke since the mid-80s. Michael Jackson was their original poster boy, the Spice Girls took over in the 90s and Shakira brought in the new millenium. You would have thought the only way was down but the soft drink giant went all out in 2004 by hiring the services of Beyoncé, Enrique Iglesias and a couple of down on their luck has-beens (Britney & P!nk).

The concept was completely ridiculous. My future husband played a Roman emperor who sits down to watch his gaggle of busty beauties fight it out in the Colosseum. However, the tables are turned and poor Enrique ends up being attacked by a lion - that is, of course, after being treated to an impromptu rendition of Queen's "We Will Rock You" by Honey B and her backing singers. They should have turned this shit into a feature film! I love the way Beyoncé steals the show with her raw sex appeal (despite that fugly headpiece) and vastly superior vocals. It was so nice of the charitable diva to carry the other hacks who were struggling with flop albums at the time. Better yet were the promo CDs. Pepsi released four that I'm aware of - one for each of the girls and a fourth with the whole group. Hell, Solange even got a look in on the Bey edition! Check out the commercial (below). Time has not wearied its fabulousness.


The Prophet said...

Flop albums? Britney's In The Zone did between 7-10 million worldwide off of three singles and a cancelled tour.

For Bey to pull those numbers she has to release 8-9 singles, several album re-releases, full scale promotion that never ends, high profile collaborations and remixes (Shakira, GaGa, Alicia, Jay) and go on big world tours.

Calen said...

Well said Prophet!

Mike said...

Calen - traitor!

Jacques - don't be so bitter. Dangerously In Love was a smash. On The Zone wasn't. End of. Stop making excuses for Britney's mid naughties slump in popularity! And Bey re-releases her shit because people actually buy it, which isn't the case with Britney - take Break The Ice and If U Seek Amy. Her albums have no depth and her broke arse fans don't earn enough on social security to fund multiple purchases!

The Prophet said...

Yes, a #1 album that sold between 7-10 million copies and spawned one of the most popular songs of the decade ("Toxic") is a real flop!

Beyonce's albums have no depth either. Video Phone anyone?

Britney hasn't had a slump. She just had two #1 singles, biggest tour in America of last year and a record breaking episode of Glee. How much did Beyonce's Glee tribute get? Oh wait, she didn't get one :(

Mike said...

Unlike Britney, Bey doesn't need to jack Madonna's swagga and follow in her evey footstep. Next!

lucaflo said...

I can't believe you're fighting over a commercial xD
Even though it's quite hillarious to read it, I'm totally on Britney's side ^^

Paul said...

of course, Enrique was the star of the commercial. It's his best celluloid moment ever, but nearly topped by his bizarre Don't Turn Out The Lights video where he ends up in a gay bar, smooching a larger lady and somehow bound and ballgagged! Crikey.

the writer said...

Oh, I remember this commercial. It was played often in Greek TV (oh, I know that you want to move to my home country). I was only 9 years old in 2004. Good times!
PS: Check out my comment in your post "When Two Cunts Collide". You'll find a surprise!

Funhouse said...

wrong wrong wrong!! this is all about Pink!!

The Prophet said...

Bey jacked her whole career from Diana Ross!

Bey is known as the biggest thief in the industry!

Bruce said...

BritBrit's vocal vamping kicks the can all over the place!

2004 was also the last time these three heifers were all down to their fighting weights at the same time!

Great post!

Mike said...

Jeez, i kinda thik this would be nice for an ad with coool pOp stars, back hen, but noe i thibk they suck @

F8ck you pepsi,