Friday, September 17, 2010

Melanie Alexander - Another 90s Icon Returns!

Girlfriend mania is taking over my blog the world. Hot on the heels of Robyn Loau's 270th comeback, comes a new track from ex-bandmate Melanie Alexander. I feel like it's 1991 all over again! Amazingly, this is Mel's first ever solo recording and the first time she's lent her magical vocals to anything since GF4's groundbreaking flop "Need Love (To Make The Sex Right)". Now if Siobhánn would just give up her day job as a pole dancer and hit the comeback trail, my life would be complete! Ok, so back to Melanie. The stunning brunette never really went away. She was a presenter on Foxtel for years and now earns a living hosting holistic/new age events. Her new anthem is more of favour to an old friend than a comeback as such but that doesn't make it any less fabulous. "Falling For The Dance Floor" is the handiwork of DJ Stonedog (of "Rainbows" fame), who you might remember as the Australian DJ behind Hong Kong's hottest tranny La Chiquitta. It really is a small world. Well, DJ Stonedog is currently putting together a club compilation for Volume (think a Ministry of Sound - only MUCH gayer) and thought of Mel. I'm so glad he did because the result is extremely fabulous and will no doubt drive Hong Kong's gay community into a frenzy. Fingers crossed it gets released over here! In the meantime, listen to a preview of 2010's most unexpected comeback.


mickylop said...

Great song...Dj stonedog love the lyrics and Melanie you're so sexy...;-)

D'luv said...

Bitch, are you on crack? There's Toy Toy news to be spread -- like her thighs.

Anonymous said...

Melanie released an album as the lead singer of Jazz Band "The Louisville Sluggers" a few years back. The album was called "Bout Time", and the single "All She Had On Was The Radio"

Matt said...

lol what trash!

Mike said...

Hey Anon,

Thanks for the heads up about Melanie's jazz album. I had no idea!

Anonymous said...

No problems at all! The single has a cover of "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" So 1 Girlfriend, and 2 solo Spice Girls have covered it! Someone needs to mash the 3 together!
Mel also recorded 2 kids albums with The Little Maestros.
Check the Girlfriend myspace page. It has all the girls discography.