Friday, September 24, 2010

Marina & Fred Falke - Shampain Remixed

Before I get carried away with Marina, a quick bit of housekeeping. I finally gave in and joined Twitter. You can follow my musings or just say hello to me here. Toy soldiers, Bey stans and Kaci fans unite! Ok, so back to business. It's been a while since my last post on Marina & The Diamonds but my devotion to the Welsh beauty hasn't waned. "The Family Jewels" is easily one of the best albums of 2010 and I'm gagging for the diva to finally grace Australia with her fabulous presence in early 2011. Until then we have her 5th single to tide us over. And "Shampain" is smart choice. It's probably the most commercial track on the album after "Hollywood" and shows off Marina's lighter side. Not that "Shampain" is throwaway fluff. I love the lyrics ("drinking champagne - a bottle to myself, savour the taste of fabricated wealth") and think the video's fashionista zombie theme is a stroke of genius. But as much as I love the original, I'm a complete whore for a trashy dance mix and Fred Falke gays "Shampain" up admirably. To be honest, I prefer the extended club instrumental but Fred's radio mix is perfect Friday fodder. "Shampain" is released in the UK on the 11 of October. Pre-order your copy now!


Poster Girl said...

How did I miss the fact that what's probably my favorite Marina song had received the Fred Falke treatement? This is perfect for a Friday, you're right.

I hope this single at least helps the album sell a bit. That's probably the most we can hope for.

Anonymous said...

Awesome mix!!!

Mike said...

I thought the album had done ok... they keep on churning out the singles!