Friday, September 24, 2010

A Luciana Update

It's been a month since Luciana's last promotional trip to Australia and I still haven't got around to posting the classy chat we had before her show at Family nightclub in Brisbane. And for once it's not through my own laziness. The interview is going to be published in the Southern Star Observer (Melbourne) and then Sydney Star Observer in the next couple of weeks and I figure it's kind of rude to scoop myself! I'll link the article - which has some exclusive tid bits about Luci's US plans and a potential second collaboration with Kylie - as soon as it's dumped on the sticky floor of the nearest gay nightclub. Until then I thought I'd update you on the legendary dance diva's latest achievements. Here goes:

1. Ms Caporaso's reign as the new queen of clubs (sorry, Dannii!) was confirmed when "Figure It Out" peaked at #1 on the US dance chart a couple of weeks ago. The song was released under the pseudonym Isha Coco which I believe is British slang. For something.

2. Australian nightclubs still worship at the altar of Luciana. Her collaboration with Nari & Milani is currently sitting at #12 on the ARIA club chart. I love, love, love this song and wish Ministry would release a nice tight radio edit. It is the most logical follow up to "I Like That".

3. "Go Go Go" peaked at #67 on the ARIA Singles Chart, which is actually hugely impressive considering radio and television refused to play it. Cunts.

4. "I Like That" is sitting at #160 on US iTunes. It's already top 40 on pop radio airplay, so with a bit of luck the song could repeat its Australian success in America.

5. Speaking of American success, the fabulous "I Like That" video (I love you David & Stephen!) was played on the main stage at the recent VMAs. See pic below. How much do you wanna bet that Lady Gaga's next video finds her wandering the back streets on London, before being molested by rubber gloves?

6. Luciana is back in the studio with Dave Audé - the amazing producer/DJ behind "Figure It Out". I'm not sure if it's for Dave's album or Luci's but I promise to do some digging and find out!

7. Apart from penning tunes for Kylies and the skanks from Girls Aloud, the in-demand songsmith has written a song for Erika Jayne called "One Hot Pleasure". You can hear it playing in the background of this behind the scenes look at Erika's video. Sounds HOT!

8. New remixes of "I Like That" have been commissioned for America. Listen to them here. Dave Audé's mix is epic!

9. The diva is returning to Australia in late October. She will perform at a car show in Melbourne on the 22nd and then rock the Fat As Butter music festival on the 23rd in Newcastle. Can't wait.

10. Luci's mum is an A grade MILF!

Phew! Seeing as it's Friday afternoon and I'm about to go and get pissed, let's kick things off with this fabulous Luciana/Gaga mash-up that I've been meaning to post for months. Sorry fame monster but you lose!


Steve said...

Good for her, she has the stuff and talent to become a world icon but sadly she's now a crazy diva! she's changing that's what i hate from the fame, she was the first artist i could say was more human! i hope she return to the person she was before she became famous :/

Matt said...

I love her!!

where can i hear her new club hit in aus?

Me said...

Hope this leads to international success for the Saffron tribute act! She should reclaim Cupid Boy and rescue it from the sorry Le C*U*N*Tified state it ended up being, returning it into a glorious emotive club smash!

Shooter said...


Mike said...

Steve, you're a complete idiot. Luciana is one of the most down to earth people I've ever met.

Matt - this is Luci's latest ARIA club smash!

Steve said...

That's not only what I think, she changed with the fame, i still love her and her work and still think she has too much talent, and i think that's good but she Change! I also know her! have seen her many times, that's why i say it, but i still hope she return to the person she was and i'm not offending u and not offending her!