Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Catching Up With Sarah McLeod

About a month ago I posted Sarah McLeod's new single "Double R". I still think it's one of the best Australian pop songs of 2010 and can't wait to hear her half a decade in the making sophomore album when it drops next month. Sarah is currently on the promo trail to pimp and kindly took some time out to talk about her new electro sound, those pesky Rihanna comparisons and the Australian pop scene. Note to self - asking someone how they feel about their last flop is not the best icebreaker. It was said with love!

Sarah, it's been a year since our last chat. What have you been up to?
I've been living in New York, recording and producing music with a selection of different producers and musicians. It was great fun.

I loved "Tell Your Story Walking" but it didn't really take off the way you would have probably liked....
No, I love it when no one buys my records.

You've re-invented yourself again on "Double R". The sound is slightly darker and dirtier. Who or what inspired the track?
This song is about what a risky manouver it is getting intertwined in other peoples lives.

It's hard to avoid the comparisons with Rihanna - who also had a song called "Russian Roulette" and an album called "Rated R". Are you a fan? I remember you saying you liked "Breakin' Dishes".
Ha, yeah I am a fan but I didn’t know about the "Russian Roulette" thing till it was too late. My song is actually a few years old, and her one totally sucks.

Your sophomore album has been so long in the making. Are you constantly adding new tracks or does it have the same tracklisting as the one you talked about last year?
I wrote "Double R" in 2009 but all the rest are new. I have been adding and morphing the tracklisting for years.

I still want to know if "White Horse" made the cut!
Hate to break it to ya.....

Boo! Will there be songs on it for the fans who loved "Beauty Was A Tiger" or is it exclusively electro?
Well if it's guitars you're looking for you’ve come to the wrong place, but I've got some pretty rockin' tunes on there with some huge dirty synths. There's one song in particular called "Love And Honour" that is just ferocious .

How hard is it for pop acts to break in this country if you're not from Idol or a soap?
You have to work very hard to be in this business, there are no short cuts and it's not easy. You have to be good live. If you're good live you’ve got a chance of longevity.

Will you be doing gigs to promote the album?
The gigs are starting in October, stand back!

Finally, I'm a closet Living End fan. Would you ever work with Chris Cheney again?
I love Chris’ voice. I would work with him again if the project was right.

"Double R" is available to download from iTunes. There are currently no plans for a video, so check out the track below.


The Prophet said...

Rihanna's Russian Roulette sucks? Um, it shits on Sarah's song.

Mike said...

No, I agree with Sarah.

Double R > Russian Roulette!

Aaron said...

I'm not going to call one of the Double R/Russian Roulette as greater, both are AMAZING!

And I can not wait for this album! - It sounds absolutely amazing! - Hope it does well for her!

Paul said...

i love an awkward opening :P

Anonymous said...


she sounds like a bitch but i luv the song