Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wasted Singles - Vol. 2

I guess it's a bit pointless to talk about wasted singles from a multi-million selling smash hit album but that's never stopped me in the past. So here goes. Contrary to popular belief, I love P!nk. In fact, I was a full blown stan circa "Try This" but - as is often the case with me - I started to lose interest when she blew up. That didn't stop me buying all the singles from "I'm Not Dead" and "Funhouse", not to mention seeing her in concert half a dozen times. Of those two career making blockbusters, I vastly prefer the former. To my ears, "Funhouse" is a lazy re-hash of "I'm Not Dead" for the countries that missed out on the "I'm Not Dead" hysteria that swept through Australia like a bushfire in January. It worked a treat but there are only a handful of songs that made my P!nk playlist. The singles were particularly hit and miss. I like "So What", love "Please Don't Leave Me" and outright worship "I Don't Believe You" but the rest left a lot to be desired. "Sober", "Bad Influence" and "Funhouse"? Bitch, please. Why bother with that shit when you have a gem like "It's All Your Fault" gathering dust on the album?

It's all your fault, you called me beautiful
You turned me out a
nd now I can't turn back

I don't know where to start with "It's All Your Fault". It's one of those tracks that cuts a little too close to the bone and drifts in and out of my life depending on my mood and general level of crazy. P!nk eloquently captures a sense of frustration and confusion that is rarely expressed in popular music. "It's All Your Fault" isn't an angry fuck off anthem or a pathetic plea to be loved. Girlfriend just wants to know where she stands. Not that it's all deep and meaningful. Produced by Swedish maestro Max Martin, this gem is every bit as catchy - if not more so - than the singles that were lifted from the album. The simple "da da da" hook does the trick and she tears the chorus up. I love P!nk's voice on this. She sounds amazing when she rocks out instead of pulling back as she does on lo-fi crap like "Crystal Ball" and "Glitter In The Air". Leave that for the lesbian singer-songwriters who don't know any better! I have no idea why "It's All Your Fault" was ignored by the record company. Maybe they wanted to leave at least one good song on the album, so people didn't demand a refund. As such, there is no video but I found this fan made clip on YouTube and it does the trick. A couple more tracks like this on her next opus and I'll happily jump back on the bandwagon.


Bruce said...

I always thought that I hated p!nk until I realized that I had about 5 songs of hers among my 5-star iTunes chart-toppers. All remixed to hell of course (Boris and Beck "Feel Good Time" and Hani "Stupid Girls" come to mind!), but I gotta give props to the lady P. And you for this great blogposting! Gonna check out this track immediately!

Any remixes you'd recommend? ;)

D'luv said...

Couldn't stand P!nk's first album -- nor, apparently, could she. But then the BF became smitten with Missundaztood the first year we were together and now I'm a fan by default. I've seen her twice live. As for P!nk as a person, I bet his cock is HUGE.

Paul said...

Definitely some poor single choices from Funhouse, but I say just ignore what the record company wants and go with your own selection instead. Life is less stressful that way :) I'm now listening to this song in a whole new light - thanks!

Matt said...

love this song!

Mike said...

Bruce - I don't think there are any remixes of this. Although I think it could lend itself quite nicely to one!

And I love P!nk's debut! "There You Go" is AMAZING!

Me said...

I really want to like P!nk, but her albums are all terrible! Though she has had some killer singles such as Trouble, U + Ur Hand, There You Go, Just Like A Pill, Most Girls, You Make Me Sick, Stupid Girls so whenever Australias favourite Lesbian Icon gets round to releasign a Greatest Hits, I'll buy it provided it excludes the DIRE Feel Good Time

Anonymous said...

I love every single from this album. Its all your fault simply wasnt good enuff!

Poster Girl said...

This was THE single I was waiting for from this album, the song on it I still play, the song that makes Funhouse worth it--and it's left as an album track. Sigh. Some of the best lyrics and definitely the best musical offering on the album.

sm3ltz said...

P!nk is by far number one in my book, has been from the day I saw There You Go on MTV for the first time. She's honest and real. She has the fun happy side, her rugged exterior side, and her soft emotional vulnerable inner side.

I'm not one of those people that will hail every single or song of someone they love. I call them like I see them. Some songs can be great but not have what it takes to be a single. Sadly, that's where It's All Your Fault falls. Great, great song but the masses wouldn't eat it up like the other singles.

I Don't Believe You is an amazing song but I'm honestly shocked she released it. It failed on the charts much as I figured it would. To me, that was the wasted single. However, I love that she had the balls to release it knowing that it probably would.

She is still real and creative today. Every song is personal to her. I think she switches it up far more than any other artist. I mean look at Ke$ha and GaGa. All of their singles are happy dancy pop. Why? Because all the stereotypical club happy gay men eat them up. Pink is staying true to herself.