Friday, August 06, 2010

Sarah McLeod - Double R

Sarah McLeod has become something of a regular on Pop Trash Addicts over the years. Her first venture into clubland "He Doesn't Love You" featured high on my best songs of 2006 countdown (along with modern classics from Katie Price, Bionda and Melissa Tkautz - LOL!) and I covered her return to the Australian pop scene late last year with "Tell Your Story Walking". We even had a little chat about her love for Rihanna's "Breakin' Dishes" but more about the poor man's Shontelle later. Unfortunately that song didn't really take off. Happily, I think she'll have better luck this time!

Yes, the ex-Superjesus frontwoman is back for another stab at electro-pop glory. "Double R" is already burning up dancefloors around the country (the Grandtheft remix is my jam) and could be Sarah's ticket back to mainstream radio. I liked "Tell Your Story Walking" but this is a massive improvement. Everything about it is bigger, badder and better. The production packs more punch and the chorus is irresistible. I've always loved Sarah's two pack a day voice and this song showcases it perfectly. My only concern is the Rihanna influence. Sarah's re-visited her Russian roulette metaphor, called the song "Double R" (a homage to "Rated R"?) and even looks a bit like RiRi in the promo pics. Girlfriend needs to stop getting down to "Rude Boy" and open her heart to "Licky" but I digress! "Double R" really is strong enough to stand on its own merit. Give Sarah's jam a spin below and make sure to download the track when it hits iTunes on the 25th of August. Bring on the video!

Sarah McLeod's "Double R"


The Prophet said...

Omg, talk about jacking Rihanna! The artwork and the hook on the song. Hearing this makes me just wish it was Rihanna doing it, walking around lazily on stage like some lifeless fashion model, flawlessly dressed from head to toe.

Oh well, at least Sarah had the smarts to rip off Rihanna instead of Lady GaGa, coz the last thing the world needs is another RedOne/GaGa rip off.

The Prophet said...

I just realized that she sounds like Amelle from the Sugafrauds.

Aaron said...

I can not wait for this - She is rather amazing, so fingers crossed all goes well for her - because I'm loving it!

Matt said...

so surprised! never liked her in the past but i LOVE this!

double r > rated r


Mike said...

I agree with Matt. Double R is so much better than Rated R! This track gets hotter with each listen.