Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Kaci's Latest Trash Anthem - Body Shots

Kaci Battaglia is probably best known to pop fans as the pure as snow 13 year old who desperately tried to cut Britney's grass back in 2001 with her sugary sweet UK top 20 hit "Paradise" and top 10 cover of the Partridge Family classic "I Think I Love You". After several years in the wilderness, Kaci returned last year with a sexy new image and club smash called "Crazy Possessive" - which shamelessly ripped off "Womanizer" but still managed to sound 100 times better. That amazing anthem didn't quite catch on but the former child star isn't going anywhere. Kaci's latest stunning triumph is a call to arms for alcoholics and features a desperate cameo by Ludacris. Oh and it still sounds like something Britney's A&R received, ridiculed and rejected. Basically, "Body Shots" is a slice of heaven! The track might be low brow but it's undeniably catchy and I can easily imagine it becoming the soundtrack of choice for bad girls everywhere. I even think the Ludacris rap works. And let's face it - if Justin Bieber can get away with pulling this shit then why can't a stone cold fox like Kaci? As usual with flop divas of yesteryear, the song is being road tested in clubs before being pushed to radio and the remix package is impressive. My favourite is the WAWA mix (below) but Dave Audé's is a close second. Bring on the sure to be scandalous video!


Matt said...


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Anonymous said...

Body Shots animated lyric video

Andrew said...

I love Britney, so of course I'm LOVING THIS! And crazy possessive? Amazing trashtastic fantastic. But the best knockoff of Womanizer remains Brooke's Rough Me Up!

Britney is still queen tho. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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